Reindeer Frozen NFT Launch Details Drop Details And Public Mint Price !

The Reindeer Frozen NFT is a unique project in the sense that it links the NFT World and the cartoon world together by making 3D cartoon movies, comics, etc. where all the members of the community will have an equal say in the matter and be able to lead the Reindeer Frozen NFT Project together.

All Frozen Reindeer that appear in any NFT products, whether a 3D animated movie, comic books, or other multimedia, will be paid royalties equal to their importance in the product. 

Reindeer Frozen NFT Roadmap :


Reindeer Frozen NFT Project

Phase 1 :

  • The Reindeer Frozen NFT private mint will begin.
  • A total number of 1,111 Reindeer Frozen characters will be made available in Solana land, eager to slide on the ice and have a fantastic time.

 Phase 2 :

  • The first 3D Reindeer Frozen NFT cartoons will be made available. Ten random Reindeer Frozen from the NFT collection will be roaming around during the Festive season. Several scenes in the cartoon will include a first-person perspective.

 Phase 3 :

  • Several comic books with newly minted NFTs will be issued.

Phase 4 :

  • The DAO community token will be used to claim NFT drops and provide holders with additional information and authority. If you have more tokens, you have more weight in communal decision-making. The total supply will be 888,888 tokens if the process is deflationary. More details will be posted on the Reindeer Frozen NFT Discord server.
  • A music single with Reindeer Frozen NFTs will be released.

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Reindeer Frozen NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details


Reindeer Frozen NFT Price will be 1 SOL, and its Public launch date is February 3rd, 2022, whereas its private sale will be held on January 20th, and its price will be 0.8 SOL, only the Reindeer Frozen NFT Whitelist holder will be able to mint in the private sale. The maximum number of Reindeers each person will mint in the private sale will be 7, whereas there is no restriction on the number of mints in the public sale.

Launch Date

February 3,2022 – December 31,2022

Unit Price



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The Reindeer Frozen NFT Mint Details :

Step 1: Buy Solana


Solana cryptocurrency can be bought on any major exchange using a debit card: CoinBase, CoinBase Pro, KuCoin, Binance, FTX, and Bitfinex. Once you have bought Solana, you can head to step 2.

Step 2: Make A Phantom Wallet


Although any Solana wallet will work for minting, the phantom wallet is recommended. You can get the Phantom wallet browser plugin here. A phantom wallet is a chrome extension wallet that will hold your Solana and allow you to mint an NFT from the official Reindeer Frozen NFT website at launch; thus, you must be on a computer or laptop.

Step 3: Reindeer Frozen NFT Mint


Once you have Solana in your phantom wallet, you will be able to Mint your Reindeer Frozen NFT on Mint day. When minting, be sure to use links only from the official discord server or those provided above.

The users will be able to mint the NFTs on the official website, and the Reindeer Frozen NFT collection will be officially listed on Solanart after the mint has been completed. 

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