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Are you on Onboard the Metaverse Space already? Are you yet to discover the play-to-earn concept? Well, you are at the right place then. Ready Player CAT NFTs, is here to revolutionize the Metaverse, especially the gaming arena. Let us see how they bring into existence Play-to-Earn Space in the East. For all the blockchain supporters and Game Lovers, this is for you!

 MINT DATE: May 10,2022


Ready Player CAT NFTs Mint Price And Floor Price

This article will give you insights about MAO DAO, who they actually are, their NFT Project Ready Player CAT, the NFT’s rarity, statistical information, and their future plans.

Ready Player CAT NFTs Overview

Total Items4.9K
Ready Player CAT NFTs Mint Price0.08 ETH or lower (25% discount code)
Ready Player CAT NFTs Floor Price0.0969 ETH
Volume Traded3.7K


Ready Player CAT NFTs Details - Mint Price And Floor Price

Metaverse Ape Organization is believed to be one such NFT community from the east aimed toward the Metaverse Revolution. For quite a long time, NFTs have taken new dimensions and built their foundation, MAODAO fulfills the users’ inclination towards games, art, and culture. All of them together have this strong desire to shape the play-to-earn space by assembling players into different existing games, Axie Infinity being the first one.

Get on board with them, and they will take you through the Metaverse Space with new games, new ideas, and new experiences. Their main motive is to bring the play-to-earn concept into existence whilst also forming a community driven toward gaming.

Ready Player CAT NFTs World

Let us now see what their NFT world looks like with Cats on the blockchain.

With a collection of 5000 NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain, Ready Player Cat NFTs Genesis is basically the mascot of MAODAO also representing MAODAO membership. This NFT brings up a surprise for all of you. One at a time, loot boxes are born and Ready Player CAT NFT is unboxed.

How to buy Ready Player Cat NFTs?

  1. Go to the official website of the project
  2. On the top right, click on Connect Wallet.
  3. The next step is to go to “Buy RPCs” and mint the NFT.
  4. You can track your collection under “My RPCs”.
  5. Since the initial launch has already taken place, you can now go to the Ready Player Cat NFTs OpenSea page and buy NFTs from there.

Ready Player Cat NFTs Is Rare?

The question now arises whether these NFTs are rare among each other. Well, the team says that Ready Player Cat NFTs celebrate different qualities and visual characteristics. Of all the phases, a total of 250 Legendary Cats will be born out of 5000 NFTs.

The Loot Box System that they follow has a random distribution. As per Ready Player Cat NFTs rarity on rarity. tools website, Ready Player Cat #3196 currently ranks first in their rarity. As of November 01, 2022, the rarity score remains 10577.95 followed by Ready Player Cat #800 with 8854.16 as their Rarity Score.

As and when the subsequent phases were launched, the Ready Player Cat NFT’s rarity changed.

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Ready Player Cat NFT Sales And Price Prediction

MAODAO community embarked on their new NFT venture- Ready Player Cat NFT on August 8, 2021. The initial first month witnessed an increase in sales tremendously. Since then, the sales have been fluctuating and in recent times, sales have been maximum on January 9.

Mentioning Ready Player Cat NFT price prediction, we cannot really predict it accurately seeing the sales graph taking ups and downs regularly. As of January 11, their all-time average price is 0.5687 ETH.

Ready Player CAT NFTs Roadmap

Ready Player CAT NFTs Roadmap

Welcoming all of you to the team’s Roadmap for a clearer picture of their goals and journey.

  1. NFT Labs- They will be creating the first well-known Crypto-native IP as well as an NFT lab. The main aim is to create traffic and awareness in the NFT space, thereby creating demands for RPC NFTs.
  2. NFT Treasure- With their aim to build RPC Metaverse world, every month an airdrop will be there. Be tuned, and own this NFT now itself to be a part of their airdrops and treasures.
  3. Gaming- MAODAO and RPC NFTs: All set for the games. The team is doing their research and playing games to find more potential in the play-to-earn gaming arena in the blockchain. With this, they want RPC NFTs to serve the purpose of a VIP Pass from MAODAO and also become a Metaverse Identity.
  4. New Site- A new site for you! You can add your RPC NFT’s name and introduction. Guild Ranking, Proposal Community Forum, NFT staking for treasures, and Onchain Governance, all of it in one place.
  5. NFT Governance System- Here their aim is to make RPC NFTs the first NFT that will be used for play-to-earn fund governance.

There is more to their roadmap, which includes Liquidity pool, marketing, merch stores, offline party, pixel version NFTs and much more!


The team is all ready to take on their journey with hopes and expectations from this innovative project. From the first crypto-native NFT IP to the first NFT Governance model, to shaping the Play-to-Earn Space in the East, it is time for you to own Ready Player Cat NFT and be a part of their exciting secrets.