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Public Sale Price: 0.0134 ETH

Collection Count: 1,111 Item



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RaidParty NFT project is the largest Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a party to which both heroes and fighters are invited, only to overpower the enemy. An on-chain idle MMO, RaidParty NFT is an exhilarating NFT game where you slay enemies, meet comrades and earn rewards along the way.

 MINT DATE: Jan 5, 2023


RaidParty NFT Mint Price And Join The Raid Dungeon

This article shall cover a more in-depth analysis of the project RaidParty NFT, its utility token, the roadmap that the team is following, the mint process, and why you should buy this NFT. I hope you are excited to join the Raid Dungeon.

RaidParty NFT: All That You Need To Know!

Bifurcation of RaidParty NFTs

Genesis RaidParty Heroes NFT1,111
RaidParty Heroes NFT5,291
RaidParty Fighters26,757

Other Information for RaidParty Heroes NFT valid as of January 25, 2024

RaidParty Heroes NFT Floor Price0.0069 ETH
Volume Traded14.8K ETH

Heroes And Fighters In The RaidParty NFT

Heroes And Fighters In The RaidParty NFT

We are now finally entering into RaidParty NFT’s gameplay, with RaidParty Heroes and RaidParty Fighters. Whilst the Heroes are considered to be the trademark of this project, fighters are the ones doing damage and are staked to earn yield. Heroes are headshots like a PFP, and fighters are rather zoomed-out full-body images.

Let us take a ride through the RaidParty NFT Game. The Raid here is a giant dungeon wherein one boss is present. Your party is the team with whom you enter the dungeon. There shall be one Hero NFT and a certain number of Fighter NFTs. Players have to contribute towards dealing damage along with their teams to the boss, and when the boss is killed, they will be distributed proportional amounts of $CFTI, the RaidParty token to their total damage contribution.

They have their own utility token $CFTI which will be yielded to the holders from the raid. Further, the token can be used in order to increase the DPS of your NFT. The more you raid, the greater the tokens, and the greater the tokens, the more the raid.

Why RaidParty NFT? Their mission and vision are simple, to ensure that we have an exceptional experience with their game. Having been inspired by other on-chain games, all they want is to set on an adventure and play around. Besides, what is a game without the desire to win over someone? They have curated a RaidParty NFT game in such a way that will encourage you to have fun along with going against the boss.

The project is here for the long haul on the blockchain, so you might as well want to explore their roadmap and see what path they have chosen.

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RaidParty NFT A Map For Their Path

RaidParty NFT is an extensive project with a scope to grow and become bigger. Starting with their quests, they have daily as well as weekly. In order to gain extra $CONFETTI (the RaidParty token) you can be a part of these quests just for fun. For daily, you will have to defeat 10 enemies and for weekly, you will have to summon a fighter.

The next in their roadmap is Mini Dungeons. If not land, the project offers Mini-Dungeons to the players for them to own. The minting price depends upon a range of things from enemy rarity, yield multiplier, base yield, Spawn frequency, and slots to expenses. As an owner, you will be able to set a fee of $CFTI yielded within your Dungeon for the players. You are free to charge an entry fee too.

Additionally, seeing the gaps in players’ DPS increasing, Dungeons will be created. With this in 3 rooms, the game can be played simultaneously instead of having all players attack the same enemy.

Besides all these, the project also has a RaidParty Bank which will help players to take an ETH loan in exchange for RaidParty NFT.

Ever heard of Mercenaries? The project brings the players, access to up to 3 Mercenary Parties. You can avail the benefit of these in the game itself. There will also be a pet added to every party, and they might have either minimal multiplicative effects or static additive effects on total damage.

Since the project is here for a long time, there shall be additional goals like Multichain Aggregation, Raid Merch, and $PRTY. Till then, stay updated and wait for RaidParty Airdrops.

RaidParty NFT Sales To Growth And Price Prediction

RaidParty NFT Sales To Growth And Price Prediction

The first part of their Genesis Heroes sales was handed over to Metadrop. Out of 1,111 RaidParty Genesis Heroes, 1000 were released by Metadrop. A ranked auction was carried down and the RaidParty NFT mint price for the same was set at 0.2 ETH. Public Sale for 4444 RaidParty Heroes began after the Metadrop Auction and was minted for the price of the lowest auction sale. As far as RaidParty Fighters are concerned, the starting mint price was set at 0.15 ETH.

They have indeed implemented a smart way of letting the market set the mint price which put an end to gas wars entirely.

RaidParty NFT Price prediction can be made on the basis of the sales volume. There could be an increase in the price, so if this project has sparked your interest in the NFT gaming world, you must grab this opportunity soon before it is too late!

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How To Buy RaidParty NFT

Now that you’ve come so far, learn how to buy RaidParty NFT:

  1. Go to their official website raid. party
  2. During the initial minting, you could’ve minted from their website itself.
  3. However, now, you can visit the RaidParty NFT OpenSea webpage for both heroes and fighters in order to buy.
  4. Make sure that you connect your wallet before buying.
  5. Happy Buying, and All the best for your Game!

If you call yourself a pro player, it is time for you to prove who you are. RaidParty NFT has created a buzz in the NFT world, and well, what are you waiting for? Get on the ground, and raid the boss. (c)