Looking for an upcoming Polygon NFT Projects 2024 List? Polygon is quickly gaining popularity as a cost-effective and faster alternative to the ETH blockchain. The NFT projects listed here can utilize the speed plus low cost of feature Polygon to develop scalable and high-quality projects.

But before starting to mint/buy Polygon-based NFTs, it is important to know what to look for and where to find a project. Also, it is vital to know the Upcoming Polygon-based NFTs as well as what utility they offer.

Therefore, today we will break down these questions and present a concise analysis of Polygon-based NFT drops.

Best Polygon NFT Projects 2024

Polygon NFT Projects List Best Upcoming Polygon NFTs 2022


We have explored several projects and created an upcoming Polygon NFT Projects list. Below, you can find the top upcoming Polygon NFTs list and decide which collection best suits your interest.

1) MyWorld NFT: Top Upcoming Polygon NFT Drop With 10K NFT Collection

MyWorld NFT Top Upcoming Polygon NFT Projects With 10K NFT Collection

Launching in 2024, MyWorld is among the trending upcoming Polygon NFT Drops with a 10K NFT collection and priced at 77 Matic during the presale. Also, the public sale is in 2024, at a price of 99 MATIC per NFT. The roadmap includes rewards such as flights, gifts, and Gen 2 airdrops.

Moreover, the project will continue to build as the roadmap progresses. The art of the project depicts high-resolution planets with over 25 traits such as rings, nebulas, colors, meteorites, and more. The team of MyWorld contains passionate NFTs as well as Crypto enthusiasts with experience in different fields including tech, art, and entrepreneurship. 

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2) Hailary Arts NFT: A PolyGon NFT Project By A Dedicated Artist

Hailary Arts NFT A PolyGon NFT Project By A Dedicated Artist

The Crypto Dollie is one of the top upcoming Polygon NFT Projects 2024 with a collection of 3000 NFTs. The project S2 is set to drop in 2024, and the first 1000 mints will be priced for 30 MATIC. Also, the first 1001 to 2000 mint are for 60 MATIC, and the remaining 1000 for 100 MATIC.

Moreover, Hailary is a popular artist and the mind behind these NFTs who has created these colorful and high-quality Crypto Dollie by combining several eye-catching traits. Currently, the project even offers a 50% commission to anyone who spreads the word about the project and earns passive income with each NFT sale.

Furthermore, holders of 3 NFTs will obtain a physical Dollie, and series 1 holders will also obtain future NFTs giveaways plus airdrops. Also, about 60% of the royalties will be sent to the holders’ wallets.

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3) Galactic Society NFT: An Upcoming Polygon NFT Projects With 9999 Unique 3D Artwork

Galactic Society NFT An Upcoming Polygon NFT Projects With 9999 Unique 3D Artwork

Galactic Society is one of the best upcoming Polygon NFT Projects with 9999 unique, 3D artwork. Events, academies, and charities are the three pillars/focus of the project.

The roadmap of this Polygon Based NFT project includes royalty fees to the community plus access to the anniversary, charity, and business events anywhere in the world. The price of these upcoming NFT mints on Polygon will range from 0.08 ETH for the VIP whitelist to 0.1 ETH in the public sale.

Additional perks for holders include incentives, online discounts, plus a certificate proving you are helping a child in need. There are more utilities to come, and the team of Galactic Society aims to offer a platform that helps the community, along with children in need.

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4) One World Nation: Upcoming Polygon NFT 

One World Nation Upcoming Polygon NFT Games With Staking And Breeding

One World Nation or OWN is a Polygon Blockchain NFT project containing 3200 NFTs with different power levels. The holders of this OWN NFT will be able to take part in the P2E game and breed new offspring by mixing Cryptonites, as well as using the staking options.

The genesis NFTs (Cryptonite Egg) price was set to 172$ which can be paid using USDT, MATIC, USDC, or WETH. With a doxxed team, this project provides different ways for holders to earn passive income. Moreover, there are 12 clans in this upcoming Polygon NFT game, and the NFTs are divided into common ( 50%), rare (30%), epic (15%), and legendary (5%).

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5) Killer Cat Bengal Club: Popular Polygon By Miami-Based Artist. 

Killer Cat Bengal Club Popular Polygon By Miami Based Artist

Killer Cat Bengal Club or KCBC is among the Top Upcoming Polygon Blockchain-based NFTs created by a Miami-based female artist, Fabriannie. The artwork contains 10,000 unique NFTs with 250 layers plus 4 to 9 traits. 2000 NFTs were available for the pre-sale, and the minting price was 80 Matic in general and 75 Matic for a limited-time offer.

The roadmap contains 200k USD worth of giveaways in the form of Matic, Cars, rings, and more. There will also be a Merch Store, and one lucky winner will receive a Tesla Model 3 upon 100% sell-out of the project. Furthermore, the NFT holders can even vote on the appearance of the upcoming KCBC Metaverse that will include meet-ups, social plus other experiences.

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What Will A Good Upcoming Polygon NFT Projects 2024 Offer?

The benefit of launching an NFT project on Polygon is the absence of a high gas fee. There are many upcoming Polygon NFT Drops in 2024, but only a few will be able to stand out from the rest. A good NFT project on Polygon needs to provide its holders with utilities (Web2 or Web3) as well as take full advantage of the cheaper and faster Polygon blockchain to build its future roadmap quickly.

Also, the Top Rated NFT projects should be backed by a team of skilled artists in their fields who are well aware of how to scale a project and ensure a smooth launch plus protection from threats such as Bots or scams. Any upcoming NFT Mints on the Polygon team should also engage with the community before the sale, plus the buyers need to clear all the doubts before minting an NFT. 

Where To Look For The Best Upcoming Polygon NFT Projects 2024?

With several Polygon NFT Drops to Watch, finding the right one and obtaining their artwork at the right moment and at the right price is important in NFTs. To know the Best Upcoming Polygon NFT Projects 2024, you will have to explore different platforms such as Rarity.tools and find a collection that displays lucrative potential.

Also, Coinmarketcap and NFTDropsCalendar are a one-stop-destination for any NFT enthusiast to locate upcoming projects plus gain information such as mint date, price, description, artwork, and more. Furthermore, every NFT collector or trader is advised to do research by themselves after selecting any Upcoming Polygon NFTs from any online platform.

Ready To Join Upcoming NFT Drops On Polygon?

The Best Upcoming Polygon NFTs listed above will introduce unique types of art and utility to the blockchain and help new artists plus traders or collectors promote a cheaper alternative to high gas fees. Each and every upcoming Polygon NFT Projects 2024 listed above aims to provide IRL and digital utilities to their holders, plus strives to build a strong community and following in the future.

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