Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.05 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



Website: Link




The Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT Project will have a total number of 10,000 plain face NFTs that will be up for mint, and the holders will have full commercial rights to a unique and beautiful piece of 3D art, that is deployable to the Metaverse. It can be animated and used in movies, cartoons, TV commercials, video games, and as an avatar and a skin in the Metaverse.


January 29, 2022


The Plain face millionaire club NFT Holders will receive PFMC Orbitz tokens daily to power the PFMC Orbeious 2100 Fusion Machine, create more valuable NFTs, play games (games available soon after launch), and use decentralized exchanges. Owners can earn additional income by participating in play-to-earn games.

Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT Project

Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT owners will receive all-access Tickets to the Private Discord channel. You will meet pioneer crypto adopters, whales, NFT titans, and metaverse moguls, as well as obtain insider information on upcoming NFTs, crypto ventures, and P2E game innovations.
  • NFTs are unveiled with the option of claiming a signed oil painting of their particular NFT, including metadata.

Phase 2 :

  • Air Drops will begin, and each Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT holder will get ten Orbit tokens. Orbit tokens will be sold on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. Orbit tokens can be used to power play-to-earn games, buy Estates in the PFMC metaverse (such as casinos, arenas, and mansions), and do various other things.
  • The genesis of the orbeious 2100 fusion machine in which if you own two or more PFMC NFTs, you will be able to merge them into an ultimate, uncommon breed with varied use cases and functionality.

Phase 3 :

  • The team will ensure that PFMC leaves its mark on the next frontier that is Metaverse; As a result, each Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT is a 3D file that can be launched to the Metaverse as an avatar in a play-to-earn game, exploring the Metaverse and do much more.
  • The Millionaire Club will host amazing private parties in various locations worldwide for its members.

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Phase 4 :

  • Winners of the Plain Face Millionaire NFT Game will get Orbit tokens, which may be exchanged on the cryptocurrency market or used to fuel the Orbeious 2100 fusion machine and take their PFMC NFT to the next level.
  • The Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT holders will be whitelisted for the upcoming Plain Face Millionaire Club comic book.

Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT Price will be 0.05 ETH and 0.5 ETH for its starting Dutch Auctions and then will decrease every hour until the NFTs are fully sold out, and its mint starting date is January, 29th 2022. There is no limit to the amount of NFTs you can mint for its public sale. 

The users who want to check out the official Marketplace can head over to Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT Opensea. The users will be able to mint the NFTs using their metamask wallet, and when the sale goes live, the users will need to go to the official website click on the MINT button and confirm.