Pixelbands NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.5 SOL

Collection Count: 4,444 Item



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Pixelbands NFT is the first Solana NFT project of its type, combining computer-generated pixel graphics and composable music. Users can mint or gather a one-of-a-kind Pixelbands NFT member, who could be a guitarist, drummer, pianist, or bassist.


January 18, 2022


Each NFT features a unique sound that may be played on the phantom wallet or in the community’s “studio” and will be made and submitted by a Pixelband community member. When that Pixelbands NFT is sold on the secondary market, the community artist receives 50% royalties.

Pixelband characters are divided into four categories: guitarists, drummers, pianists, and bassists. Each PixelBand NFT is an mp4 file that includes a pixel art animation and an 8 bar stem created by musicians from the PixelBands NFT community. A “Band” is formed by combining four distinct band members, each with their distinctive instrument, and the sounds combine to create a “Song.” Holders will soon be able to mint a full band and song.

Musicians And The Pixelband NFT Project :

Pixelbands NFT Launch Details Drop Details And Public Mint Price !

This is a Solana NFT initiative that is created by musicians and musicians. The Pixelband NFT community wishes to make this the central location for musicians in the Solana NFT environment. PixelBands musicians will curate all sounds associated with PixelBands NFTs.

If your sound is chosen to be included in an NFT, you will receive 50% of the royalties (50% musician, 50% community wallet) for that NFT’s secondary sales. If a band uses your sound, you will receive 10% of the royalties and the other three members of the band. The individual who mints the band, known as the “producer,” earns the remaining 10%, for a total of 50% royalties.

How To Join The Pixelbands NFT Music Selection Group :

Step 1 :

  • Musicians who want to contribute to the PixelBands NFT mint should join the discord server and submit their created music via the #music-submission channel.

Step 2 :

  • Musicians must submit a bio and samples of their music and indicate the instruments they wish to contribute to the project. The Pixelband NFT project team will allow musicians to share their work via Twitter and Discord.

Step 3 :

  • The PixelBand Gen 1 mint music will then be compiled and mastered by the PixelBands NFT team. Artists that are chosen will receive half of the royalties for any theme for which their NFT is picked.

Pixelbands NFT Roadmap :

 Phase 1 :

  • For the whitelisted members, 444 pre-sale NFTs will be available to mint.
  • The Pixelband NFT Gen 1 Public Mint will go live.

 Phase 2 :

  • A Pixelbands NFT PFP will be generated for the members.
  • Connect your wallets and merge the sounds of your band members in the studio to build a band.

 Phase 3 :

  • The Pixelbands NFT Minting Studio will enable musicians to mint their tunes into various playable NFTs that can then be sold in open markets.
  • The Pixelbands Gen 1 is a LOFI theme, and the following collection will be centred on a different music style, which will be revealed to members soon.
  • A seamlessly integrated method for minting, buying, and selling music NFTs will be made and released for the Pixelband NFT members.

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Pixelbands NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Pixelbands NFT price will be 0.5 SOL for the Public sale, and its launch date is January 18th, 2022. The Total number of NFT supplies will be 4,444, of which 3,169 will be for the public and 1,275 will be for the Pixelband NFT Whitelist members.

How To Mint Pixelbands NFT  :

The Pixelbands NFT Mintplace and information regarding it will be available on Magic Eden, Marketplace on Solana. You can find the link to its marketplace above. The users will need to have enough Solana available in their wallet to make the purchase. Be ready to have your wallet connected when you make the purchase.