Pirates Of The Pandemic NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.15 ETH

Collection Count: 4,444 Item



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The Pirates of the Pandemic NFT is a collection of 4,444 pirate-themed characters NFTs. Each pirate has individual characteristics that are sketched and crafted with meticulous details, and no two pirates can be the same. The pirates are generated through the mixing and matching of traits. Traits range from common to extremely rare.


March 12, 2022


The Pirates community is highly motivated with a solid yearlong plan and an upcoming massive first-of-its-kind Pirate P2E Battle Royale game. If you mint an NFT today, you will be able to trade it for a very long time since POTP will continue to create value in the blockchain business for a very long time. The team strongly advises you to HODL your Pirates of the Pandemic NFT since it will provide significant rewards to holders.

Pirates Of The Pandemic NFT Benefits:

  • Access to Ferocity Play-To-Earn Battle Royale game.
  • Non-holders can only access the game by purchasing an NFT or renting one from the Lending protocol. Hence, every time a non-holder plays the game, Pirate NFT holders earn $POP.
  • Be part of the Pirates of the Pandemic NFT DAO. You have the power to govern this Project. Each Pirate NFT holder will vote on all crucial matters regarding the entirety of the Project.
  • You also get a chance to earn a $POP token through Yield Farming, Liquidity mining, and Staking.
  • Secondary Market Royalty fund to acquire Blue-chip art and NFTs such as Bored Apes, Crypto Punks, and Banksy’s which will be given away to all community members.
  • Access to the “The Sunrise Marina”. A member-only club hosting high profile networking, browser arcade minigames, and parties where everybody shares resources and grows as a community and individuals.

Pirates Of The Pandemic NFT Roadmap :

Pirates Of The Pandemic NFT Drop Project Details And Public Mint Price !

Phase 1 :

  • Building the Pirates of the Pandemic NFT Game, called Ferocity.
  • 3D Modelling of the NFT Game characters.
  • Implementing various character animations and interactions.
  • Launching the first gameplay trailer.
  • Secondary marketplaces and starting the public mint.
  • Marketing campaigns worth $250k.
  • The team will be purchasing land on Sandbox.
  • Liquidity mining and Yield farming will be announced.
  • The Warship NFT will be airdropped.
  • The Pirates of the pandemic NFT Game alpha mode will be launched.

Phase 2 :

  • P2E modes for the games will be released, such as an arcade mode.
  • Teams interactions and collaborations with various influencers.
  • Cool treasure hunts for the members with prizes such as Crypto Giveaways.
  • Metaverse Trailer
  • A merchandise store will be launched.
  • Exchange listing on CEX.

Phase 3 :

  • The Battle Royale Game will be released.
  • Various cool airdrops such as The Metarum.
  • Community meetups will be organized.
  • Projects Animated series will be launched.
  • The Project will be transitioned to DAO.
  • VR compatibility for the game will be implemented.

Phase 4 :

  • Art galleries such as Davey Jones Locker will be open for everyone.
  • Stacking will be implemented.
  • In-Game tournaments will be launched.
  • An E-Sports team will be formed.
  • The team will start working on Haptic feedback and various suit compatibility.
  • Integration into Web3.0

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Pirates Of The Pandemic NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Pirates of the Pandemic NFT price will be 0.15 ETH for its public mint, and its whitelisted sale price or pre-sale price will be 0.1 ETH. The public sales will go live on 12th March, whereas the pre-sale is already live, and whitelisted members can start minting. A total of 2 NFTs per wallet will be allowed to be minted. The secondary marketplace for the Project will be Opensea.

How To Mint Pirates Of The Pandemic NFT :

  • You can mint a Pirate after 9:00 PM PST on 12th March from the official website.
  • Go to the “Mint a Pirate” section on the website.
  • Connect your metamask wallet.
  • Enter the number of pirates you would like to mint (Maximum of 2 per account).
  • Click on the mint button and accept the transaction on your metamask.
  • Your mint will be successful.

For more information or to join the club, the users can join the official Pirates of the Pandemic NFT Discord or Twitter channels.