Open Head NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.07 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



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The Open Head NFT is a unique project consisting of 10,000 open head themed NFT avatars.


January 27, 2022


The project’s primary goal is to focus mainly on raffles and huge giveaways for its community, and once the mint is completed, the Team will launch its initial raffles. The raffles will be supported by the project’s income, with the first Raffle offering a prize of 100 ETH (about $450,000 at the time of writing).

The reward will change each month, but it will always have a crazy amount of ETH. The Open Head NFT Team will hold five raffles every month: four weekly and one monthly.

Open Head NFT Raffle Rules:

The Raffles will be stored entirely on-chain, allowing the entire process to be authenticated. The Open Head Team will also make the code available to anyone who wants to try it out!

The raffle proceeds will stay secured and only be available through Smart Contract – no one, not even the development team, will have access to them. Before being launched, the Open Head NFT Smart Contract will be reviewed by a reputable third-party firm, and audit results will be shared with the community.

Monthly Raffles :

  • The ETH prize value of the monthly raffles will be a minimum of 50% of the Open Head NFT project’s monthly profits in shares. Every month, the Raffle will be held on a random day, and during the 24 hours before the Raffle, the 1,000 tokens offered for sale in OpenSea with the lowest price will be excluded.
  • The Raffle will take place after those 24 hours, and the winner will be declared, and the participant who has the Open Head NFT at the time of the Raffle will be the winner.

Weekly Raffles :

  • The ETH prize value of the weekly raffles will be a minimum of 10% of the Open Head NFT project’s monthly revenues in shares.
  • The Raffle will take place on a random day each week, and the winner will be declared.
  • The participant who has the NFT at the Raffle time will be the winner.
Open Head NFT Project

The Open Head NFT Roadmap :

At 25% :

  • The Giveaways will be revealed. Members of the community are encouraged to attend the Open Head NFT Discord channel, where a few additional Open Head NFTs will be shown and given away to the winners.

At 50% :

  • The Team will begin working with ten artists, each chosen by the Open Head community, to create ten one-of-a-kind NFT artworks that will be auctioned off on the official Open Head NFT OpenSea.

At 75% :

  • The Open Head NFT Team will launch its merchandise brand for all members of the community to represent Open Head as a whole.

At 100% :

  • After the full minting, the Team will launch its incredible 100 ETH Raffle, where only one will be crowned the winner.
  • After this has been completed, the projects monthly and weekly raffles will start.

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Open Head NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Open Head NFT Price will be 0.07 ETH, and its mint date is January, 27th 2022. The users can mint a maximum of 5 Open Head NFTs per transaction during the public sale. Each NFT is one entry, and holding more than one will increase your chances of winning the raffles. The users who want to check out the official Marketplace can head over to Open Head NFT Opensea.

How To Mint Open Head NFT :

The users will be able to mint the NFTs through the project’s official website during the public sale. 

  • Users will need enough ETH in their Metamask wallet to mint. 
  • Go to the official website
  • Click on “Connect Wallet”
  • Select the amount to mint
  • Click on “Mint”
  • Confirm in MetaMask