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The Neo Tokyo NFT Collection is based on a masterpiece of anime that was produced in 1987. The film is set in a dystopian metropolis and consists of three 50-minute pieces, each written and directed by a different individual.


June 09, 2023


There are no apparent connections between the NFT collection and the film, yet it was inspired by it. All NFTs are a collection of textual data on various topics.

The Neo Tokyo NFT Identities set includes 2,018 identities and 2,500 vault cards. According to Becker, it is the “fairest NFT decline in history.” Its benefits include no pre-sales, a free mint, and the fact that Becker and Elliotrades each have just one NFT. The objective was to establish a project focused on the community’s needs, promoting a “culture of long-term participation.” All advantages will accrue to “citizens” who participate and “pay attention” to all alerts. Even “games inside codes” are intended to “weed out” passive holders.

Neo Tokyo NFT Drop Details and Mint Price

The Neo Tokyo NFT Collection Is Divided Into Four Sections:

1. Neo Tokyo Identities

Neo Tokyo NFT Identities are the characters’ real-life identities, as portrayed in the game. These characters might be men or women, and they can come from several backgrounds, such as ‘assistant’ or ‘club owner.’ They may also have different file text colors like white, green, blue, and so on, as well as several other qualities and powers.

2. Neo Tokyo Vault Cards

Cards in the Neo Tokyo Vault system function similarly to bank accounts, complete with credit ratings, improved supply items, and a portion of the game’s wealth.

3. Neo Tokyo Item Caches

Clothing, automobiles, helmets, and guns, among other things, may be found in Neo Tokyo Item Caches.

4. Neo Tokyo Land Deeds

According to the map, Neo Tokyo NFT Land Deeds seem to be nothing more than scattered plots of land in several neighborhoods. Other virtual land collections, such as Decentraland, have seen incredible increases in the value of their virtual land.

5. Purchasing Neo Tokyo NFTs

Obtaining an NFT for your collection is a complex undertaking. Only those on Neo Tokyo’s whitelist were authorized to mint the NFTs.

Furthermore, only those who correctly solved the riddles or won games were included in the Neo Tokyo NFT whitelist, which was built on a first-come, first-served basis. On Upload Day (October 3), Becker distributed whitelists in groups, allowing each group 10 minutes to establish Neo Tokyo Identities before the next group dropped theirs.

The information includes verification (codes) and mint numbers for each wallet address. This, however, did not guarantee the discovery of a mint. Users had to go to the website and “pass” yet another exam.

Neo Tokyo NFT Price
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According to Dave Loyal, on Upload Day, users may speak with one another through a chatbox on the Neo Tokyo Identities website. They were then asked several questions, the answers to which might be discovered in the many hints and codes released by Becker on Twitter. At the end of the questioning, users were given Etherscan addresses and contract links, where they were asked to provide their whitelist number and proof of ownership to mint the NFTs.

Furthermore, on October 16, the team posted a link to the mint vault card contract on their website. The process remained the same as before, with each Neo Tokyo NFT cardholder being given two hours to use a single vault pick. If the vault holders do not arrive in time, game-winners on the whitelist have the option to “take” the vault from them.

Knowing Neo Tokyo NFT

Crypto YouTubers Alex Becker and Elliotrades launched the Neo Tokyo Identities (NFT) project in October 2021, creating the cryptocurrency through a controlled minting process. The creation of Neo Tokyo NFTs begins with passing a test to be included in a whitelist, and NFTs appear as codes that turn into avatars once uploaded.

The Neo Tokyo NFT project intends to build a network that will reward its members in the long term by giving them the chance to earn passive income while also providing additional benefits. A Neo Tokyo metaverse game in which NFT avatars assume the roles of fictitious characters is an NFT project. Aside from that, the initiative would invest in bitcoin games and provide its members early access to them. Neo Tokyo NFTs have soared in value because investors see them as a method to generate passive income while also obtaining exposure to the metaverse.

In addition to Facebook parent Meta Platforms, many other firms are heavily investing in the creation of the metaverse, which has a more excellent economy in the near future than the physical world.


Given the current environment, investing in the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Series or other Metaverses may be a good option. There is much excitement about Neo Tokyo and what we now know about it, but there is much more to come that will be shared with the community regularly.