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The Mythology Ape Club NFT are a project of 7,777 greek style themed apes that got lost in the olden times so now they are back and ready for the battle of their life. The project will be backed by a play-to-earn game which will consist of many methods and features through which the players will be able to earn crypto assets. The game will feature a solo mode and PvP with teams. The players and all the members of the project can expect rewards of upto $100,000 and much more.

The NFT holding members will have the ability to compete for tournaments within the play to earn game along with in-person meetups and much more that will be announced with the future roadmaps.

Mythology ape club nft

Mythology Ape Club NFT Roadmap :

At 0%

  • The users can have fun chatting and having discussions with other fellow discord members along with standing a chance to be one of the lucky members to get prelisted out of 1000 members.

At 25%

  • The 7777 Mythology Ape Clubs will be completed and Opensea will be revealed after 24-48 hours of sellout, which will be listed on

At 50%

  • The PvP, P2E games will be released and launched in the metaverse which will consist of solo and team playing modes. The users who will have their Mythology Ape Club NFT will be able to play in these games with their characters. Big prizes and  Tournaments will also be announced at the same time for winners and all the holders.

At 75%

  • The community will be releasing their own cool Mythology Ape Club NFT merch having tons of customized designs and accessories, along with 20 random Mythology Ape’s being airdropped to the holders.

At 100%

  • Tokens with staking will be launched which will lead to passive income for the holders along with a E-sport tournament kicking in which will have over $100,000 in prize pools.


3D versions of the Mythology Ape club NFT will be available for the holders for free which will be integrated into the metaverse with virtual reality and much more. More E-sport tournaments will also be coming in the P2E game along with real life meetups, parties and all sorts of events.

Launch Date

January 13,2022 – January 31,2022

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Mythology Ape Club NFT Drop/ Launch Date – Mint Details

The Pre-sale price of Mythology Ape Club NFT Drop is 0.06 ETH, and the price for the public mint 0.07 ETH. Dates for both pre-sale and public sales are 11th January 2022 and 13th January 2022. The whitelist can mint 5 whereas the Public can mint up to 10, The whitelist can mint on Public sale too.

The holders will be able to see how rare their Mythology Ape Club NFT is shortly after launch on Rarity.Tools! where it will have tons of cool traits and so forth.

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