Mushrooms Club NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.13 ETH

Collection Count: 7,777 Item



Website: Link




Mushrooms’ club NFT is a mushroom avatar collection that grants you exclusive membership access to the Mushroom Forest. In this internet corner, artists, developers, and crypto enthusiasts come together to create a decentralized future.


April 01, 2022


It begins with unique NFT drops, live events, and secret surprises that will be disclosed gradually. Mushroom holders are joined instantly to the exclusive community filled with top NFT and Crypto players. This includes live events and virtual meetups where you can interact directly with influential individuals that are almost impossible to get in touch with otherwise.

Mushrooms Club NFT Benefits And Utilities :

  • Every month, 7% of royalties will go back into the community, which all the Mushrooms Club NFT holders can redeem.
  • Members can Stake & Earn a scarce supply of $MCN for vault exposure; the vault has been fractionalized to create ERC tokens, which can be earned through staking or participating as an LP provider, should the voters decide that.
  • Top holders will be invited to attend the most glamorous city on Earth. You will be able to meet leading artists and see their work at up-close and personal. Take in the views of a city that shines as bright as the stars above.
Mushrooms Club NFT

The goal of this venture is to fund innovative projects for top community artists and entrepreneurs. We aim to bring great business ideas to life for our community members. MCN NFT holders will need to visit the Website, connect their wallets, and enter their shipping information to receive their mushrooms during each harvest.

This is done so that secondary market buyers can get in on the mushroom releases. Whenever a new harvest is released, be sure to claim it. The team offers you a sample time to claim your mushroom in the announcements channel.

Mushrooms Club NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Mushrooms Club NFT Price will be 0.13 ETH for its public sale, and it will start on 1st April 2022; the whitelist sale will begin on 31st March with a price of 0.077 ETH. There is no limit on the amount of NFTs that can be created per wallet.

On the mint date, you can only mint via the official Website of the Mushrooms Club NFT, and to mint, you must link your Metamask wallet to the official Website and click on MINT. Then you must authorise the transaction, and your Mint will be successful.

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