Moon Ape Lab NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.09 ETH

Collection Count: 8,000 Item



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Moon Ape Lab NFT is a hand-drawn collection of 8,000 ape NFTs including over 300 distinct features and rarities that are algorithmically created. Their purpose is to assist humanity in dealing with pollution and climate change on Earth.


January 22, 2022


The Moon Ape Lab NFT Community will give more than $1 million to a charity foundation for environmental aid determined by the community members. Members of the community will place their nicknames on the contributors’ board, which will then be coded and transferred to NFT as a picture, where it will stay as a legacy of humanity’s act.

Benefits Of Owning The Moon Ape Lab NFTs

  • The members will get access to “club-only” giveaways, benefits, drops, and IRL activities, and holding Moon Ape NFT entitles you to unique LAB activities and events in which all members may participate in exciting activities and earn various rewards and benefits.
  • Owners of Moon Ape Lab NFT will have complete ownership and limitless commercial usage rights over their NFT.

Moon Ape Lab NFT Roadmap :

Moon Ape Lab NFT Project

Moon Ape Companions (Moon Pets NFT Collection) :

  • After the general sale, Moon Ape Lab NFT holders will receive a complimentary “Companion” NFT collection. There would be roughly 20 different partners, from space cats to moon squids. The ‘Companions’ collection will have 8000 pieces. Those who miss the claiming window lose their chance to own the Companions. The team will ensure that your initial investment in the project will be covered by fantastic advantages and road plan activations that will improve your income and make your Moon Ape Lab NFT investment risk-free.
  • The first giveaway of 5 ETH to ten members of the community will also be done.

 Breeding :

  • Following the activation of ‘Companions,’ Moon Ape Lab NFT will manufacture an extra NFT drop of Crypto-Coke. It will come in three varieties: a can, a bottle, and a barrel. All Moon Ape NFT holders will receive a free airdrop of Crypto-Coke NFT. Our apes like Coke, and the more they consume it, the drunker they become. As a result, their look transforms.
  • The more litres of Crypto-Coke consumed, the rarer (Moon Ape Boozer) NFT you will obtain. This roadmap activation will enhance demand for original Moon Ape NFTs, causing the floor price in the secondary markets to rise.
  • To begin the mutation, you must have Crypto-Coke and Moon Ape ERC-721 tokens in your wallet address, as well as locate the hidden mutation page on the Moon Ape Lab NFT website.
  • The second giveaway of 10 ETH to ten community members and special Moon Ape Lab NFT merch.

 Donations :

  • The Moon Ape Lab NFT Team has collaborated with numerous Greenpeace groups and cryptocurrency projects that are eager to contribute to the cause, and the purpose of Charity Pool is to gather donations from our partner firms and then donate to environmental organizations. The first milestone is a total donation of $1 million or more.

Extra Loots :

  • Following the completion of the Breeding, the project will reveal an extra Loot NFT collection. This collection will have 300 qualities with varying degrees of rarity. Each Moon Ape Lab NFT holder will have the opportunity to claim a Loot Bag (for example, gum, booger, bazooka, etc.). Each Loot Bag has eight attributes.

Staking :

  • The holders of the ERC-20 Tokens will be able to lock them and earn passive revenue by supplying liquidity on Uniswap. Furthermore, Moon Ape Lab Project will provide farming opportunities by establishing unique internal pools for token holders.

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Moon Ape Lab Game :

  • The Moon Ape Lab NFT Game Designers and Developers lay the groundwork for fundamental mechanics and gameplay. Members are encouraged to remain connected and visit the official website regularly to be among the first to join the game’s beta version.
  • For 100 members, all-inclusive party tickets will be dropped.

Moon Ape Lab NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

Moon Ape Lab NFT Price will be 0.09 ETH, and its launch date is January 22nd, 2022, whereas the Whitelist Sale will start on January 21st. During the presale, a maximum of 20 Green Passes/4 Blue Passes/1 Gold Passes can be minted per wallet, and a maximum of 20 Apes can be minted per transaction during the public sale.

Moon Ape Lab NFT Opensea & Mint Details :

After connecting your Metamask Wallet to the official website, you can purchase Moon Ape NFT by entering the desired amount and pressing the mint button. After buying the NFT, you will be able to see it in your Metamask wallet and on the Moon Ape Lab NFT Opensea marketplace (please be sure that the same wallet is connected). The Moon Ape Lab Mint passes will be available on opensea, and these passes can be used to enter provably fair raffles and as admittance tickets to private parties.