Monfters Club NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.0078

Collection Count: 7,996 Item



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If you are looking for an NFT project that has cute and sleek monsters, and also trending as one of the top NFT projects at the OpenSea marketplace, Monfters Club NFT will grapple your mind.

 MINT DATE: 27th December 2022


Monfters Club NFT Mint Price And Everything To Know

The Monfters team has released 8K unique Monsters where each of which has been designed with different traits and cosmetic elements.

As of today, 10th Jan 2024, Monfters Club NFT has 7K Followers on Twitter. Apart from that, the project has more than 8.3K followers on Discord and a whopping 7.3K+ followers on Telegram.

Yesterday (09th Jan 2024) on the Monfters Club NFT Twitter account, the team announced the Monfters airdrop date for all the owners. Maybe due to that, the sale has gone up by 104.91% in the last 24 hours with a total sales volume of USD 1M+. The number of Monfters Club NFT owners has gone up by 8.40%.

So, should you own the Monfters Club NFT? Let’s find out!

But, before doing that, we would like you to read this article to the end, as we are about to highlight the best features of Monfters Club NFT along with a price prediction.

Monfters Club NFT: Some Quick Facts

Total NFTs: 7.9K

Number Of Owners: 3.3K (As of 10th Jan 2024)

Monfters Club NFT Floor Price: 0.0078 ETH

Total Traded Volume: 3.9K ETH

Monfters Club NFT: What Do They Stand For?

Monfters Club NFT Mint Price And Everything To Know

As mentioned above Monfters Club NFT is a collection of 8000 monsters based on the Ethereum Blockchain. But the fun fact is that these monsters are rather cute and stylish than dangerous. Their primary goal is to find the real shining treasures hidden in the world of NFT and create a greater community.

For now, they are a part of the Ethereum blockchain only, but very soon that is going to change. The team has announced that soon they will be a part of the Binance Smart Contract (BSC) as well.

The Monfters Club NFT project is audited by Certik – one of the leading auditors in the Crypto space. This makes the project more credible to the entire NFT community

One of the most alluring facts about the Monfters Club NFT is that they will soon become a DAO-driven NFT marketplace and will become a part of the Metaverse too.

The MON Token ($MON)

$MON or MON Token will work as the governance token for the Monfters Club NFT holders. There are a total of 1.5 Billion $MON Tokens in circulation and the team will not produce more. With MON Tokens, the Monfters Club NFT holders claim or buy limited edition NFTs from the Monfters Platform.

According to their official website, the MON Token is the furnished version of the QUN Token where 1 MON =1 QUN.

The QUN Foundation has already locked 890 Million uncirculated QUN Tokens. For now, they are locked for the transformation process – and once done, they will be redistributed accordingly. The rest i.e. 610 Million QUN Tokens are still circulating in the market, which can be converted to MON through Ethereum or any other relevant exchange services.

To initiate a proposal to the Monfters Club NFT community, the owner must hold at least 10 Million $MON tokens. The voting window will be open for the next 7 days – and to get approved, the majority must acquire more or equal to 4% of the $MON tokens i.e. 40 Million MON Tokens.

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$MON Distribution Process

The Monfters Club NFT developers have decided that they will distribute 45% of the MON Tokens through transition minting and airdrops. 9% will be reserved for the best NFT projects on the Monfters platform. 5% of the MON Tokens will be kept for the R&D and incentive funds and will be unlocked after 3 years. The rest i.e. 41% of the MON Tokens will be in circulation in the market.

When The Airdrop Is Happening?

On 17th January 2022, the team has announced on the official Twitter account that there will be a Monfters Club NFT airdrop for all the holders. The airdrop will begin on the 20th January 2022 and the holders may claim it on the 21st January 2022.

Current Market Stats And Price Prediction

As of today, 10th January 2024, the current Floor price at the OpenSea marketplace stands at 0.005 ETH which is 54.39% higher than the initial Monfters Club NFT Mint price.

If we are to assess the graph from the OpenSea marketplace, there isn’t much activity since the launch until 13th January 2022. Since then the price and the number of sales have only gone up for the Monfters Club NFT project. The average price and the number of sales were at their peak on the 5th of Jan 2024. On that day, Monfters Club NFT’s average price was 0.53ETH, and the number of sales was 779.

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Monfters Club NFT: How To Buy Them?

Monfters Club NFT How To Buy Them

By now, you must be enticed to know how to buy Monfters Club NFTs – right?

All the Monfters NFTs were sold out on the very day of the launch. But, now you can buy from the Monfters Club NFT OpenSea marketplace. All you need to do is to check the Monfters Club Rarity and bid on that item by connecting your digital wallet.

Conclusion: Is This Worth Buying?

If we are to offer you the Monfters Club NFT Price Prediction, the project’s growth has been accelerating after the airdrop date announcement. The project is currently trending at number 20 on the OpenSea marketplace just beneath CryptoPunks.

The Monfters NFT project is still in its beginning phase and a lot is to come in the next few weeks. They will soon become a decentralized NFT marketplace where you can own a bunch of NFTs that are based on WEB 3.0.

You can be a part of Monfters Club NFT now or you may wait for the airdrop and evaluate how the owners are reacting about it on Twitter and Discord.