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Public Sale Price: 0.008

Collection Count: 8,886 Item


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Moments In History NFTs is a historical-themed project with over 35.3K followers on Twitter and about 42,560 members on Discord. Moreover, the Last Supper is the first collection launched that contains high-quality and vibrant NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

 MINT DATE: August 11, 2022


Moments In History NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated!

But first, let’s take a deep dive into the roadmap, price statistics, sales, future prediction, and much more to know if the project is perfect for you or not!

Moments In History NFTs: Overview Of The Project

The Last Supper NFTs8,886
Moments In History NFT mint price: The Last Supper0.008 ETH
The Last Supper NFT SaleDec 18, 2021 – Jan 10, 2022
The Last Supper NFT Reveal Date11th Jan 2022

Make Your Moments In History Using The Last Supper NFTs

Moments In History NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated!

The Last Supper is a collection of 8888 NFTs that depicts portraits of 12 historical figures including Muhammad Ali, Nikola Tesla, and Elvis Presley. The NFTs are minted randomly by combining 8 attributes such as background and glasses, plus 101 graphical assets.

Moreover, the Moments in History NFT metaverse project aims to provide utility to Last Supper NFT holders by offering them a part in this first-ever, immersive blockchain-based museum. Made by famous artist Andy Warhol, The Last Supper NFT collection uses the ERC721 token standard and provides VIP experiences to all its holders.

Presale Plus Launch Date Of Moments In History NFTs

The Pre-Sale of Moments In History NFTs started on December 17 at 6 pm PST. About 2222 tokens were available in the presale and the rest were for public sale, which went live on January 10th, 2022, at 9 pm EST. Also, there was a flash sale on 4th January at 6 pm PST due to the high demand.

Moments In History NFTs Roadmap To Success

After launching the first NFT collection (The Last Supper, physical pop-up museums will be hosted, and the NFT holders will get free access to them. At 40% competition, a VIP Lounge gets launched containing podcasts and offers networking opportunities.

The NFT collection will also donate 100% of profits to charity from auction plus minting of MySpace Tom NFT upon 60% competition. MySpace Tom NFT is among the first collaborations with Moments in History’s NFT, and The Last Supper NFT holders will get early access to such collaborations in the future.

Upon 100% completion, the Metaverse museum is launched and will continue to expand in the future, where NFT holders will also get real-life benefits plus giveaways.

What Extra Perks Do You Get With Your NFTs?

NFT holders will also get gifts plus prizes that will be randomly drawn on a regular basis. Moreover, they will even get a real-life, high-quality canvas of their art along with merchandise for their Last Supper NFT.

Floor Price And Sales Volume Of The Last Supper NFT

Moments In History NFT Price Prediction

Moments In History NFT Floor Price Plus Price Range- The Last Supper

According to OpenSea, the floor price of Moments In History NFTs is 0.008 as of 07 Jan 2024. Moreover, the current price range varies from 0.0588 ($190.39) WETH to 6 ETH and more.

The Last Supper NFTs Sales Volume: 1 Million In Just Over 2 Weeks!

According to Opensea, the Last Supper NFT total volume traded was 592 ETH ($ 1,910,845) as of Jan 09, 2024. Also, the last 14-day Avg. Price was 0.1751 ETH, along with a trading volume of 588.0167 ETH.

Moments In History NFT Price Prediction

As the NFT is relatively new, it offers a much better chance of yielding greater profits when compared to already established and expensive NFT projects. As per OpenSea, Moments In History NFT the 7-Day Average Price ( Jan 02 – Jan 10, 2024) was 0.1789 ETH ($577), which was more than the minting price of 0.07 ETH ( $225).

Moreover, the expansion in Metaverse, collaborations with other projects, and regular prizes to the NFT holders will help increase the demand for these NFTs in 2022 as well as help generate lucrative rewards.

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Where To Get Your Moments In History NFT?

Launched in December, the NFTs are all sold out and were available for minting only on the official website. The presale NFTs sold out in 25 minutes, and the public sale in 14 minutes.

Moreover, only 200 slots were available in the whitelist sale, and to participate, users had to DM the word “Whitelist” on the official Twitter account. For NFTs collectors looking for Moments In History NFT how to buy, head to the official OpenSea page and use ETH or WETH crypto. You can use the side filters to determine which are at auction or sale and even filter down your search based on the traits.

Become A Part Of History In The Making!

Moments In History NFTs aims to unlock the potential of Web 3.0 to provide an immersive blockchain-based museum experience. Moreover, Moments In History also focuses on collaborating with artists, businesses plus projects to help commercialize their NFTs.

Overall, NFT traders and collectors have a great opportunity to take part in a new, innovative and exciting project with a staunch community along with a set roadmap toward profitable success.