Mind-Blown NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.013

Collection Count: 5,000 Item



Website: Link




The Mind-Blown NFT is a collaborative effort between music and cryptocurrency fans. The main goal is to use blockchain technology to revolutionize forever and inspire the music and event industries.

 MINT DATE: June 16,2022


Mind-Blown NFT Launch Details, Drop Details And Public Mint Price !

The Mind-Blown NFT Genesis Drop is only the beginning of the complete project.

Benefits For The Members Holding Mind-Blown NFTs :

Holding a Mind-blown NFT entitles its members to different types of membership in an exclusive mind-blowing community, as well as VIP access to IRL events, unmatched experiences, and unrestricted access to meet various artists. The Mind Blown NFT team is working on some exciting developments, announced in due course.

Will There Be Royalties?

The Mind-Blown NFT has not yet established a percentage, but the community is considering 7.5 percent. The community will determine more information on this after the mint date.

Mind-Blown NFT Airdrop/Second Collection?

These are essential milestones on the Mind-Blown NFT long-term roadmap, but the team wishes to avoid oversaturating the market. It will focus on providing value to its Genesis NFT holders primarily. The Mind Blown NFT community will be all in if and when the time is right.

Mind-Blown NFT Marketplace And Partnerships :

We are at the cutting edge of game-changing technology and a revolution in the Musical plus NFT space. New alliances and partners will help the Mind-Blown NFT brand expand and allow us to carry out the vision in a reasonable timeframe. The core team will be looking at collaborations with labels, talent buyers, venues, and, of course, musicians. The Official Mind Blown NFT marketplace will be announced soon which will be on the website.

The Mind-Blown NFT objective will annually conduct a Decentralized Autonomous Event / Full-Scale Music Festival in real life and simultaneously within the Metaverse.

Imagine having the ability to select the artist for an upcoming event, having BTS and VIP accessibility at every event organized, and enjoying the benefits of such events and industry connections. The Mind-Blown NFT community will have a separate 3-D voxel collection to show off at Metaverse events!

Mind-Blown NFT Roadmap #1 :

At 25%

  • 10 Mind-blown NFTs will be distributed randomly and airdropped to the first 1000 holders, along with a 1 ETH giveaway.

At 50%

  • For the first 5,000 Mind Blown NFT holders, 20 Museum Quality Prints will be given away, as well as 2.5 ETH.

At 75%

  • Launch the Official Mind-Blown NFT Merch Store (with all sales going to Mind Blown NFT Community Development) plus a 5 ETH Giveaway.

At 100%

  • Times Square Billboard plus 5 ETH giveaways and 25 ETH to be Donated to various Nonprofits funded by the Mind Blown NFT Community Wallet.

Mind Blown NFT Bounties :

Mind-blown NFT Project

The bounties which are listed below will be free rewards given to the holder who mints the characters listed below with these precise trait combinations –

  • A Full Genie Character: A random Mind Blown NFT will be airdropped along with 5 ETH to the holder.
  • A Full ETH Character: A random Mind Blown NFT will be airdropped along with 5 ETH to the holder.
  • A Full Wizard Character: A random Mind Blown NFT will be airdropped along with 5 ETH to the holder.
  • A Full BTC Character: A random Mind Blown NFT will be airdropped along with 5 ETH to the holder.

Mind-Blown NFT Roadmap #2 :

PART 1 :

  • Incorporate Business, with each token owning a portion of the company.
  • Contribute to the Community Wallet.
  • Purchase Sandbox plus invest in the Blue Chip Projects
  • Onboard and welcome new community team members.
  • Use the community’s legal and public relations representation.
  • Hold 1to1 auctions to assist various charities.

PART 2 :

  • Create a web3.0 and NFT ticketing tool for all future events involving USD.
  • A Centralized Concert will be launched (Mind-Blown NFT community-chosen locations and artists).
  • Popular Music Sponsorship opportunities and Promotions
  • Festival All-Expenses-Paid Giveaway for 10 Mind-Blown NFT Community Members.
  • Continue to build collaborations and increase brand awareness.
  • Begin Mind-Blown NFT Music Festival creation/community voting.
  • Vote on the program, venue, marketing, budget, and other aspects.

PART 3 :

  • The Mind Blown NFT members will decide and vote on bonus second drops, companions, and tokenomics.
  • Mind-Blown NFT Budget Planning + Structure Chart
  • Weekly MBMF Meeting sessions and Discussion Team plus Community
  • Determine the Mind-Blown NFT host city after doing a Music Festival Market Analysis.

PART 4 :

  • Begin the process of acquiring artists and negotiating contracts.
  • Expansion of the Mind-Blown NFT festival grounds’ perimeters.
  • Boarding Event Production Houses, Safety, Allowances, and Other Services
  • Get ready for the Mind Blown NFT Ticket Launch.
  • Special Mind-Blown NFT Voxels will be produced.
  • Expansion of the Metaverse plus various unique Virtual Music Festivals.
  • Complete the planning for the first annual Mind Blown NFT Music Festival.

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Mind-Blown NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Mind-Blown NFT Drop sale price will be 0.10 ETH, and the launch date is January 16th, 2022. There will be no limit to how much you can mint per wallet, and the NFT Minting will take place on the official Mind Blown NFT Website.

How To Mint The Mind-Blown NFT :

When the mint begins, go to the official Mind-Blown NFT website. Sign in to the website and connect your MetaMask wallet to the Ethereum network. Then you can enter the number of Mind-Blown NFTs you want to mint. Check to make sure you have the right amount of ETH in your wallet. Make sure you have enough ETH to cover both the mint and the gas expenses. In your MetaMask, click mint to confirm the transaction and you are good to go.