MetaWaifus NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.5

Collection Count: 5,600 Item



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The Meta Waifu NFT Project is a collection of 5600 NFTs that live on the Solana blockchain. Each NFT is a 3D character that can be used in MetaWaifus’ Metaverse. The Meta Waifu NFTs represent your membership in an ecosystem of games and multimedia entertainment, as well as your access to unique content.

 MINT DATE: September 15,2022


MetaWaifus NFT Launch Details Drop Details And Public Mint Price !

These MetaWaifu 3D models can be used as characters in MetaWaifus’ Metaverse. Each NFT was made from one of these 3D models, and owning a MetaWaifu NFT, will give you access to a multimedia ecosystem that was built for the metaverse age when you own one.

As a bonus, the Holders will also be able to see their NFT in AR. They will also have the chance to have their character in an Interactive Visual Novel Game, as well as in 3D animated episodes where the community has control over the story.

MetaWaifus NFT Roadmap :

At 25%

  • The MetaWaifus NFT will be listed on the largest NFT marketplaces in the Solana ecosphere.
  • With the MetaWaifus Master App, users can see all of their NFTs in the MW metaverse with AR capabilities, and they can also use this app to get into the MW metaverse.

At 50%

  • The MetaWaifu NFTs community will start working on an Interactive Visual Novel game that will help the members learn more about Meta Waifus history and the universe.
  • Premium and exclusive merchandise will come with free drops and a discount for the community members, and with this, the MW content can be brought to life in the real world.

At 75%

  • The MetaWaifu NFT community will start making 3D animated episodes about the world of Meta Waifus. The holders of the MetaWaifu NFT will be able to get their characters into the animated series, and they will have control over the story as well.
  • There will be an MW Lottery with up to $25k up for grabs. The NFT owners will be put into a draft to earn different prize levels.

At 100%

  • Play-to-earn: The game will start when all of the MetaWaifu NFTs are sold. The community will add more people to the team so that it can start working on a game where players can use their NFT as characters in the game and earn tokens by playing.

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MetaWaifus NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Details

MetaWaifu NFT

The sale price of the MetaWaifu NFT Drop will be 1.5 SOL, and the launch date is January 14th, 2022. There will be no limit as to how much you can mint per wallet.

How To Mint The MetaWaifu NFT :

When the mint begins, go to the Meta Waifu NFT mint page. You will be asked to link your Phantom or Sollet wallet. After connecting your wallet, you will be brought to another screen where you can obtain a Meta Waifu by clicking the ‘MINT’ button and then completing the transaction on your wallet.