MetaVolution NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.1 ETH

Collection Count: 8,778 Item



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The MetaVolution NFT is a collection of 8,778 genesis Immortals NFTs with an on-chain game on the Ethereum network.


May 19, 2022


It blends a play-to-progress idea, emphasizing story, seasons, and high-quality imagery with complicated yet simple tokenomics. MetaVolution Lands are NFTs that serve a purpose in the MetaVolution ecosystem. They not only earn $TROPY, but they will also assist you in progress in the later stages of Season 1 and Season 2.

You’ll be able to stake your MetaVolution NFT on reveal and earn Metropy ($TROPY). You’ll be able to mint two collections right away: Obelisks and Lands. Following these mints, you will get access to tasks and finally meet Luciverse, the game’s adversary.

In addition to the game, you will be able to obtain limited merch drops for holders only, redeem whitelist spots from a few selected projects with MetaVolution’s currency, a free VIP+ ticket to the world’s largest NFT conference in June (virtual), and a slew of other exciting surprises as Season 1 progresses.

MetaVolution NFT Drop Details and Mint Price !

MetaVolution NFT Roadmap

Phase 1:

  • The MetaVolution NFT Collection will be released with an 8,778 NFT genesis mint offering.
  • Staking will be implemented inside the game as soon as the genesis mint is revealed, allowing NFT holders to begin amassing $TROPY right now.
  • Staked players will earn Metropy or “Trophy” ($TROPY), the game money, which can be used to purchase future deliveries.
  • An “Obelisk” will be the first drop available for purchase. Obelisks can be used to draw power from the earth. Obelisks are classified into four categories (earth, water, air, and fire).

Phase 2:

  • Landowners in MetaVolution NFT World will be extremely valuable since they will be able to create more yield in the game. With five various land rarities, an element of chance will be included in the obelisk-to-land conversion process.
  • Game-branded clothes and gear will be offered early on to aid in the efforts to make MetaVolution an internationally known brand.
  • Season 1 gameplay will begin with thorough explanations of fundamental gameplay, strategy, and tactics, as well as the rich earning possibilities and interesting incentives that players will be able to acquire just by playing the game.
  • Immortals will be able to access the first two Acts of MetaVolution NFT gameplay. Both acts have several tasks and emphasize game growth. 

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Phase 3:

  • Before reaching Luciverse, there is still some exploration to do and enemies to destroy. These two extra acts allow you to make more progress before your “battle to the death” with the evil angel.
  • MetaVolution NFT Game Season 1 will come to an end shortly after the first Immortals defeat Luciverse. For the first players to do this extremely tough achievement, there will be rewards (1/1 NFTs, $LUCI, merch, etc.) and community-wide recognition.
  • The team will announce the detailed roadmap from its 2nd Season.

MetaVolution NFT Mint Price And Details

The MetaVolution NFT Mint Price will be 0.1 ETH, and its mint date is 19th May 2022. Every NFT holder gets a free MetaVolution Fam Pass. It includes a VIP pass for every virtual NFT World Conference event for as long as they hold their NFTs. They will also receive a proprietary NFT analytics program that the team is developing. You will be able to mint directly from the official MetaVolution Website on the mint date by connecting your Metamask.