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Metapole NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.3

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The Metapole NFT is a collection of 3,750 City NFTs that can be minted and bought on the Solana blockchain. Members who mint them will own a CITY in the Metaverse, and by holding them, you will be able to receive Passive Income from your CITY’s MetaPower.

 MINT DATE: May 11,2022


Metapole NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

Members can boost their Meta power by gaining access to locked structures in their city. At a later point, a big Metaverse board game featuring city discovery, territory conquest, and more will be released.

Metapole NFT Features And Benefits :

  • You may boost your CITY’s MetaPower by allowing it to unlock structures in the real world.
  • Participate in fights with other city owners, capturing their cities which will increase your MetaPower.
  • Take a virtual reality tour of your Metapole NFT City using VR Glasses.
  • You can massively increase your MetaPower by owning more than three cities in a single country.
  • The passive revenue generated by your Meta powers is paid to your wallet in USDC on a weekly basis.

Metapole NFT Roadmap :

Metapole NFT Drop

Phase 1 :

  • With the help of Solana Blockchain, Metapole NFT sales where cities can be minted will begin.
  • All of your CITY’s features, such as MetaPower and unlocked closed buildings, will be included in the metadata of your Metapole NFT.
  • The MetaPower Market will be open, allowing you to generate Passive Income from your City.
  • Every City you own comes with a MetaPower by default. If you lock your CITY using the MetaPower Market, you will begin to collect Passive Income.
  • Every week, payments in USDC are put into your CITY’s wallet. Keep in mind that if your City changes hands during this period, your profits will be reset. Increasing the MetaPower of your CITY raises your Passive Income. You may do this by opening your City’s locked constructions via the City Market.

Phase 2 :

  • Each City has its own distinct architecture. In the first place, all of these structures are closed. Each building has a MetaPower that, when unlocked, boosts the MetaPower of the CITY. You must first make a selection in order to unlock these constructions. If you wish to boost your Metapole NFT passive revenue by opening a building with 200 MetaPower from your City. You may unlock the building instantaneously by paying a set number of SOLs, or you can determine your winning % and have a chance to obtain it for a lower price!
  • Each unlocked building is transferred as NFT to your CITY’s wallet, and your CITY’s MetaPower in the MetaPower Market is updated.
  • The Metapole NFT VR APPLICATION will be released. With your VR Headset, take a tour of your own city! Explore your CITY’s unopened constructions and purchase them from the City Market! This will have a significant influence on the MetaPower of your CITY!

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Phase 3 :

  • Demo launch of the Metapole NFT Game. DEMO access will be granted to the first 50 city owners. Bugs discovered by these players in the game will be rewarded with MetaPower. The team will be even better, along with the people that will be testing the Demo.
  • The full version of the Metapole Game will be released, allowing you to explore the game’s environment. You will be able to explore the cities and MetaPowers of other players. Begin battles to conquer the cities of other players! The greater your chances of winning with your MetaPowers. If the opposite player accepts your combat call, the battle commences, considering the battle-winning percentages. If you win, you will receive the CITY and the NFT.

Metapole NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Metapole NFT Price will be 1.3 SOL, and its mint date is 11th May 2022. You may only mint from the official website on the launch day, and to mint, you must have a Solana wallet with enough SOL; after you have enough SOL, simply link your wallet to the official site and click on MINT. You may learn more about the project and join it by visiting its official Discord or Twitter channels.

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