Metafigz NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.25 SOL

Collection Count: 1,111 Item



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The Metafigz NFT is a collection of 1,111 lego-themed NFTs on the Solana blockchain. It is also the first NFT Constructor where you can create your own minifigs and earn brickz for staking.


June 02, 2022


Members can assemble their own minifigures from component pieces, hold and earn staking incentives, or sell individually built characters.

A basic Metafigz Citizen is made up of the head, body, and legs. These pieces have no rarity and yield the same staking rewards, and collecting the entire basic character provides higher staking rewards every day.

After constructing the basic Metafigz NFT Citizen, you may send him to the school to be trained for a career. Following training, your character will be assigned a random profession of different rarity, which will effect the staking rewards.

Metafigz NFT Brickonomics And Utilities

$BRICKZ is a utility token that powers the Metafigz ecosystem. In the future P2E game, minifigures acquire $BRICKZ to study and build their residences, forming a new metropolis.

  • First-ever NFT constructor where you can build all parts of your minifigure and get the basic Metafigz NFT Citizen.
  • The team will sell the new collections for $BRICKZ only.
  • Members can train their minifigs in the academy and get a profession of varying rarity.
  • Build a brick house and rent it out to earn additional staking rewards.
  • Merch and genuine constructors are only available online for $BRICKZ.
  • The team intends to build a city and develop the Metafigz NFT P2E game in the future.
Metafigz NFT Drop Details and Mint Price !

Metafigz NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Creation of Metafigz NFT Heads and roadmap
  • Release supply 
  • Build a community 
  • Whitelist and roles released
  • Incentives, competitions, and giveaways
  • Developing the staking platform 
  • Mint of Metafigz Heads 
  • Launch of $BRICKZ utility token 
  • Start staking Metafigz Heads

Phase 2

  • Developing the Playroom 
  • Mint of Metafigz Body and Legs 
  • Start building Metafigz NFT Citizen 
  • More staking rewards for full Metafigz
  • Education in Metafigz Academy 
  • Release rarity 
  • Release Metafigz Pro 
  • Staking with lockup period and rarity

Phase 3

  • Building houses to get more rewards 
  • Developing the Rental platform 
  • New Metafigz NFT collections for $BRICKZ 
  • Selling merch, events for $BRICKZ
  • Developing the City and the P2E game

Metafigz NFT Mint Price And Details

The Metafigz NFT Mint Price will be 1.25 SOL for its public mint. The public mint will begin on June 2nd, and the pre-sale will begin 2 hours before on the same date with a mint price of 1 SOL. You will be able to mint straight from the Metafigz Website on the day of the mint by linking your Solana wallet.

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How To Mint Metafigz NFT

  • Create a Phantom wallet (or other Solana wallet), and add it to Chrome then add Solana to it. (Solana can be bought on most crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, FTX)
  • Go to Metafigz NFT mint page (to be added on June 2)
  • Press the “Connect your wallet” button and choose the suitable wallet for you (e.g., Phantom) then unlock and connect it to the mint page.
  • Press the “Mint now” button after that the wallet will pop up and ask you to approve transaction.
  • Сonfirm the transaction, wait 10-20 seconds and you’ll have a Metafigz Heads NFT in your wallet!
  • If you want to mint more than one NFT, just press the button again and repeat the steps (max. 10 NFTs per phase)