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The Meta Triads NFT is a collection of 10,000 distinct ERC721 standard tokens that provide real-world benefits and passive revenue through project participation. The initiative is creating an aggregator marketplace where fashion and clothing manufacturers can construct their real-life collections in AR and the Metaverse. Meta Triads NFT holders will own shares in the marketplace and generate TRIA$ if a sale is completed.

The project’s completely doxxed, and the crew has extensive expertise in IT startups and has already secured more than $450K in the seed round with an estimate of $5,000,000.

Benefits :

  • The team will create a one-stop fashion marketplace for all three worlds: real, augmented reality, and metaverse – all of which will be integrated.
  • Early Access to Limited Fashion Items
  • The Tria$ is an ERC20 standard token that will be airdropped to holders, and that will be used to exchange all Triads items. The daily rate will be 9 TRIA$.
  • In the parallel reality, Triad holders will be able to construct a new Gen.

Meta Triads NFT

The Meta Triads NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • $450,000 seed capital will be raised to open two offices in the centre of the EU (Vienna) and the United States (New York).
  • To bring the three different forms of worlds together, a team of highly qualified and passionate individuals will be assembled.
  • The project will be assembled, and a whitelist will be created along with whales and partner organisations, Loyal community members, the first of the Triads.

Phase 2 :

  • The Meta Triads NFT Collection will be launched, Opensea will be verified and integrated on Rarity Sniper.
  • Tribunal voting smart contract will be integrated along with DAO
  • The TRIA$ Token will be launched.
  • Intergalactic travel by triads will allow for the breeding of next-generation deltas.
  • Story Development and New Services.

Phase 3 :

  • The official Meta Triads NFT Marketplace will be launched on Web3.0, E-Commerce, and Decentraland and sandbox.
  • All the three markets will be linked together through interverse integration.

Launch Date

March 14,2022 – March 31,2022

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The Meta Triads NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Meta Triads NFT price will be 0.18 ETH, and the public mint will start on 14th March, and the pre-mint sale will begin on 7th March, and its sale price will be 0.09 ETH. Theres no limit to how many NFTs you can mint per wallet, and you will be able to mint the NFT directly from the official website. You will need to connect your Metamask wallet to the website on Mint Day and click on MINT to purchase your NFT. To know more about the project and join it, you can join the official Meta Triads NFT Discord or Twitter channels.

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