Meta Survivors Club NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.0 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



Website: Link




The Meta Survivors Club NFT is an art collection of 10,000 unique 3D characters living in the Ethereum blockchain. All the 10,000 pieces of art will be based on eight characters, and each character will be one of the main characters of a future game.


April 10, 2022


The game will be a first-person shooter in which you and your friends will try to survive the end of the world while you avoid being eaten by zombies. All these characters are fully made in 3D and will be game-ready assets. The team plans to launch the game on the Unreal five-game engine.

Members can earn rewards with the project’s metaverse integration, mint drops, members-only events, tokenization airdrop, and much more. You can also contact harbourlabs as they are currently hiring to build a team in LA.

Members who own thes Meta Survivors Club NFT will be the sole owners and can them whoever they wish for personal or commercial use. Roadmap activation will also provide an NFT Whitelist and Airdrop. In the NFT Dog Racing ecosystem “PawPaw Racing,” you can race dogs and breed NFT dogs with unique characteristics.

Meta Survivors Club NFT Roadmap :

Meta Survivors Club NFT Drop - P2E Economy-Based NFT Game

Phase 1 :

  • The official Website and SNS will be launched along with a Meta Survivors Club NFT Roadmap.
  • Pre-sale will be held on OpenSea shortly before the public Mint.
  • Holders with more than 10 NFTs will receive an airdrop of Limited MSC NFT.

Phase 2 :

  • The team will burn all Unsold NFT Quantities.
  • Allocate an extra 5% of all primary sales to the Community wallet.
  • Every royalty from the secondary market (for example, Opensea) will be returned to the community wallet (Supply Room). This fund is used to increase the value of Meta Survivors Club NFT.

Phase 3 :

  • Collaborate on brand-new Songs with talented Musicians
  • Starting channel on Youtube, TikTok, etc.
  • Harbour Labs Play to Earn NFT Game ‘PAWPAW RACING’ will be released, and holders will be eligible for Whitelist and Airdrop based on the amount held.

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Phase 4 :

  • The Meta Survivors Club NFT team will buy Metaverse land in Sandbox or Decentraland, build a base camp for it, and create a Metaverse game in them.
  • ‘Apocalypse Zombie,’ Episode 2 NFTs will be released, and holders will be eligible for Whitelist and Airdrops based on the amount held.
  • Episode 3: Under the Sea, NFTs will be launched.
  • Collaborating with Major Games, Entertainment, Manufacturing brand, and various Influencers.

Phase 5 :

  • A governance function will be added.
  • Start to develop the Meta Survivors Club NFT Coin Ecosystem.
  • Launch other types of Creative Metaverse Content projects.

Meta Survivors Club NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Meta Survivors Club NFT Price will be somewhere around 1.0 ETH for its public sale, and it will start on 10th April 2022; the date can be delayed, and there is no limit on the number of mints. On the mint date, you can only mint via the official Website of Meta Survivors Club, and to Mint, you must link your Metamask wallet to the official Website and click on MINT. Then you must authorize the transaction, and your Mint will be successful.