Meta Space Babies NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.12 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



Website: Link




The Meta space babies NFT is a collection of 10,000 space babies NFTs that are escaping back through time using the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Meta Space Baby has unique features and is bestowed with rare traits from its home planet.


March 03, 2022


All MSB holders will have a voice in how the Metaverse evolves as a whole. All MSB revenues will be divided 50/50 with the community. Members will determine what happens to six-figure income every quarter, and members can utilize their portion of Meta space babies NFT profits for a variety of purposes, including community-funded enterprises, internal and external collaborations, charity, dividends, and buy-backs. Members have complete and ultimate authority.

Benefits For The Meta Space Babies NFT :

Every NFT has the potential to be a doorway to financial independence. Even if you just have one NFT, you may offer business ideas, vote on proposals, be automatically entered in lotteries for thousands of dollars, recommend charity causes, and play the video game with your personal NFT character. This is only a partial list of what you can accomplish with your Meta Space Babies NFT (s).

Meta Element NFT Roadmap :

Meta Space Babies NFT Project

Phase 1 :

  • Meta Space Babies NFT Comic will be released and the team will provide first seed funds so that members of the community may get their creative juices flowing and begin generating new ideas.
  • Every quarter, MSB will implement a voting mechanism that will allow NFT holders total control over their 50% share.

Phase 2 :

  • NFTs’ powers will be enhanced by Meta Space Babies Airdrop. The airdrop will provide particular benefits to your character and will have long-term usefulness.
  • To guarantee that the team can create this project for the medium and long term, they will begin building tokenization and staking soon after mint.

Phase 3 :

  • The Meta Space Babies NFT Project will launch a unique digital wearables marketplace. Holders will be able to buy, sell, earn, and win unique stuff.
  • Following the completion of the game’s format, a team of professionals will commence preliminary development work. This solid base will allow the game to grow.
  • MSB will formalize its Real Estate and Casino platforms by using its software expertise. These two platforms will establish a new market benchmark.

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Meta Space Babies NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Meta Space Babies price will be 0.12 ETH and the public mint will start on 3rd March whereas it pre-mint sale will begin on 2nd March. You can buy Meta Space Babies NFT from the official website. A randomly-selected Meta Space Baby NFT will be delivered to your MetaMask wallet for every successful mint. You can view your newly-minted NFT(s) on your Opensea account.

How To Mint Meta Space Babies NFT:

  • To be able to mint an MSB, you will have to connect to the website using a wallet such as MetaMask. It is on this wallet that you will be able to deposit money that will be used to buy your MSB.
  • It is then on the OpenSea platform that you will be able to see the Meta Space Babies NFT you have just minted, and also see the other MSBs in the collection, buy them, sell them, or make bids. You must therefore link your previously created MetaMask wallet to an OpenSea account.
  • You are ready, just wait for the day of the presale and the public sale to be able to directly mint your Meta Space Babies NFT on the official website.

For more information or to join the club, the users can join the official Meta Space Babies NFT Discord or Twitter channels.