Meta Birds NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.10 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



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The Meta Birds is an easy-to-play social game where the players will be rewarded crypto and game tokens that will have a lot of utility upon winning a race.


February 10, 2022


There will be a drop of 10,000 Meta Birds NFTs upon launch. Once the eggs (NFTs) are minted (or acquired), the MetaBirds will reside on the blockchain. Users may race, participate in tournaments, and compete against their friends for a position on the leaderboard while earning crypto or money. If a bird owner desires, they may sell or trade their character in the same manner as any other NFT.

There will be huge giveaways, such as one fortunate member who mints an Elon Musk MetaBird NFT can decide to take home $100,000 or a Tesla CyberTruck. Other birds will also have financial rewards attached to them.

Meta Birds NFT Rarity Chart :

Meta Birds NFT Rarity

All the Meta Birds NFTs are made unique and special in their ways, but some will be more unique than the others, making them much rarer.

The Meta Birds will come with proof of ownership and authentication, and they can be claimed and traded on the official Meta Birds NFT Opensea.

The Meta Birds NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • The Meta Birds NFT Team will launch its Marketing Campaigns.
  • Influencer Outreach and Advertising.
  • Launch Mobile Game.
  • Launch MetaBirds Token (in-game purchases).

Phase 2 :

  • Influencer / Celebrity Partnership Expansion.
  • Expand Meta Birds NFT Game for the public to play.
  • Pre-sale February 7th.
  • Public Sale February 10th.

Phase 3 :

  • Exclusive Real World Events for Bird Holders.
  • Access to the Meta Birds NFT Mansion for Bird Holders.
  • New Game Modes.
  • Expand Partnership deals and Mass Adoption.

Meta Birds NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Meta Birds NFT Price will be 0.10 ETH, and its mint date is February, 10th 2022. The Pre-sale will start on February, 7th and its minting price will be 0.08 ETH. The users will be able to mint a maximum of 10 Bird NFTs per wallet.

How To Pre-Order :

The users can pre-order the Meta Birds NFT Eggs with their credit or debit cards from the official website. Pre-ordering will save you money from the fees associated with large crypto transactions, and as we all know, ethereum is insanely cheap right now, so you can lock your low prices in now before Ethereum prices rise again.

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How To Mint Meta Birds NFT :

  • Go to the Official Meta Birds NFT Mint page.
  • Navigate to and click Connect your wallet (in the top right corner).
  • You can then Press the MINT button.
  • Your good to go.