Mermaids Pink Lighthouse Club NFT Drop Launch !

The Mermaids Pink Lighthouse Club NFT is CryptOcean’s first NFT collection, consisting of 11,000 strong, one-of-a-kind mermaids representing different forms of females joining the Metaverse. The team’s objective is to create a full NFT ecosystem with real-world applications for holders. The roadmap has been built by the team to incentivize diamond hands with four large waves in the roadmap, which are :

  • Expanding the CryptOcean ecosystem with premium quality collection launches throughout 2022.
  • Initiating $CAVIAR ERC-20 token liquidity on Uniswap as the official CryptOcean rewards token.
  • Staking and passive income for all NFT holders.
  • Minting Whale NFT launch exclusively for Pre Cryptocean NFT holders.


Benefits For The Mermaids Pink Lighthouse Club NFT :


  • If you hold 1 NFT from each collection you will be entitled to a $CAVIAR airdrop once the team initiates the liquidity on Uniswap.
  • Generate lucrative passive income by staking 1 NFT from your CryptOcean portfolio to get hourly $CAVIAR rewards.
  • If you hold 5 NFTs from CryptOcean collections you will be eligible to mint a Whale NFT.
  • Holding a CryptOcean NFT is a long-term investment, as the ecosystem is growing with new collections, which increases demand and the value of existing collections.


Mermaids Pink Lighthouse Club NFT Roadmap :


Mermaids Pink Lighthouse Club NFT Project

Phase 1 :

  • Conceptualization and planning will be accomplished by developing a solid idea with an emphasis on NFT rarity and project roadmap.
  • The Crew will look for people with strong abilities, motivation, and belief in the project since they will be the most important qualities.
  • Marketing Planning – Outlining a long-term marketing plan for CryptOcean.
  • Website Mockups – Monitoring and feedback on the site’s UX to guarantee an excellent user experience.

Phase 2 :

  • Community Development – Focus on increasing involvement in order to build a strong community.
  • The first collection launch, 11,111 Mermaids NFTs will go live on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • UNISWAP – Airdrop $CAVIAR Token ERC-20 Liquidity Initiation CryptOcean Guardians and holders of $CAVIAR.
  • Staking with $CAVIAR incentives will be made available.
  • Launch of the $CAVIAR Utility – Accepting film advertising in exchange for $CAVIAR tokens.
  • Film Premiere – CryptOcean’s first film exhibition on YouTube.
  • To expand the film’s visibility, the crew will approach agencies and collaborators.

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Phase 3 :

  • On June 8th, a $250K direct payment will be made to ocean preservation groups.
  • Portfolio Staking on CryptOcean – Stake your CryptOcean portfolio for three months to receive an exclusive Whale NFT. To be eligible, you must own at least one NFT from each CryptOcean collection.
  • All the NFT Holders will be invited to join the community to discuss future roadmap planning.

Launch Date

March 7,2022 – December 31,2022

Unit Price



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Mermaids Pink Lighthouse Club NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details


The Mermaids Pink Lighthouse Club NFT price will be 0.15 ETH and the public mint will start on 7th March whereas it pre-mint sale will begin on 6th March and its sale price will be 0.11 ETH. There’s no limit as to how much a user can mint. The mint goes live on 7th April and you can connect your Metamask wallet to the official website and click on MINT to authorize and start minting.

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