MEKA X NFT Mint Price And Everything To Know

MEKA X  NFT Mint Price And Everything To Know

MEKA X is a one-of-a-kind, high-resolution 3D NFT collection based on the Solana space. MEKA X is a community-driven project that aims to provide financial security solutions. The project has a massive ecosystem that will consist of P2E games, staking mechanisms, DAO governance, and other goodies of the Solana blockchain.

MEKA X NFT will bring forth transparency for the long-term viability and decentralization of the whole ecosystem. The project will also introduce the Meka X token, further used inside the Metaverse.

This article will discuss statistics, roadmap, price, price prediction, where to buy, etc., of the MEKA X NFT.

Meka X NFT Overview

MEKA X NFT items 1.11K
LAUNCH DATE 30th March 2022


Meka X is a community of NFT holders concerned about protecting the planet Earth and making the world a better place. It was established in January 2022. In its purest form, Meka X has a limited supply of 2,222 NFTs and is designed for the Solana blockchain. The project understands the future of the financial revolution through the use of decentralization.

That is why the project wants to introduce these NFTs to a wide range of audiences. Additionally, Meka X NFT holders gain access to exclusive airdrops and forthcoming future projects. Also, Meka X will introduce version 2 of their minting, where there will be additional features like breeding of Meka X. Exciting!


MEKA X NFT will publish its first mint on 30th March 2022. MEKA X NFT has recently announced its partnership with SOLANART, where the MEKA X NFT community will release 2,222 NFTs. Firstly, they will release their Whitelist mint at 5:30 PM on 30th March, and right after 30min, i.e., 6:00 PM, they will release their public mint.


MEKA X NFT mint price for the whitelist is 1 SOL with the additional gas fees, whereas the mint price for public mint is 1.2 SOL with the additional gas fees. MEKA X NFTs mint price for the whitelist has been announced, so to discover how to be included in the whitelist, visit their Discord server.


MEKA X is unique because of its broad reach and marketing, low gas costs, ease of use, and lifespan. All MEKA X NFT holders will initially receive a $MKX Token reward and continue to earn tokens through the staking engine. $MKX tokens will be listed on raydium and will be available for trading later on. The project will make a fixed royalty of 5% on each transaction.

The ultimate goal of MEKA X NFT is to develop a MEKA X DAO, in which platform token holders will have full decision-making authority. Additionally, token holders will use the token for V2 minting, liquidity pool incentives, metaverse use cases, and the purchase of Meka X merchandise.

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Each of the MEKA X NFT will be 3D and distinct from one another. MEKA X NFT Rarity rating will be revealed when the mint closes, with over 100 unique 3D qualities across several categories. There will be 2,222 NFTs total, all of which will be unique. NFTs will be classified into many categories: rare, very rare, and epic rare.

MEKA X NFT Sales And Statistics

MEKA X NFTs floor price is 0.25 solanart marketplace. With the mint price of 1 SOL for the whitelist and 1.2 SOL for public mint, MEKA X has a whitelist for 1500 individuals, where 1050 have been filled. So, if you want to be a part of the Meka X community, you can grab a spot on their whitelist.


MEKA X’s outstanding 3d NFTs will blow the market away in the coming days. The project also has an extensive roadmap, and use cases for the NFTs and the tokens. Additionally, there are plans for V2 of minting.

That means only loyal holders of the token will get the chance to buy further minted NFTs. So, based on this and the creators and community’s creativity, we can assume MEKA X NFT price prediction to be on the higher side.


As the MEKA X NFTs launch date is nearby, the question arises of where to buy MEKA X NFT. Initially, the mint launch will take place on the official website. After that, the project will be listed on a secondary platform like SOLSEA. To buy their NFTs, you must first purchase SOL, as they are part of the SOLANA Blockchain.

You can purchase the SOL by creating your crypto wallet and then, after that, purchase SOL.

Solsea is a virtual environment where you can create and trade collectibles, play self-expressive games, create art, and do whatever you like. Solsea games are built on the blockchain, allowing anybody to own, create something new, and exchange creations as one-of-a-kind, non-replicable goods that are securely saved online rather than on your device.

NFT marketplaces, such as Solsea, may keep track of exact timestamps for each transaction. As a result, no user or third-party validation is required.

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MEKA X creates a world where individuals can get everything they need from a single crypto ecosystem, income tactics that were previously only available to the wealthy. These strategies will now be available to everyone, giving people back power over their financial systems.

The MEKA X network will create a game-changing environment that will encourage more people to invest in digital assets by allowing them to earn money by staking, buying/selling, or trading NFTs while maintaining their privacy, security, authority, and autonomy. (c)

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