Lucky Lion Club NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.0087

Collection Count: 3,999 Item



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If fearsome felines are your spirit animals, keep your eyes peeled for the Lucky Lion Club NFT! Owning these NFTs is a sure-shot gateway to joining an exclusive and private community of high-worth A-listers and access to a Whitelist for crazy events. Not to forget, with CG and 3D artists like Joel Best, Aaron Hunwick, and Stephen Goodson, there is no doubt that with the Lucky Lions in your pocket, it is you who is the luckiest!

 MINT DATE: 06th January 2023


Lucky Lion Club NFT Mint Price And Floor Price Updated 2024

So what are these ultra-realistic 3D kings of the jungle up to? Are there some benefits of having these kitties in your Metaverse wallet? Let us peep into the woods to know what the lions bring to the table through their robust roadmap, artist collaborations, price predictions, and sales info!

Lucky Lion Club NFTs A Short Overview

Lucky Lion Club NFT items3,999
Lucky Lion Club NFT Owners2,434
Lucky Lion Club NFT Mint Price0.2 ETH + gas
Lucky Lion Club NFT Floor price0.0087 ETH
Volume Traded1,307 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 25th January 2024)

What Is Lucky Lion Club NFTs?

What Is Lucky Lion Club NFTs

The Lucky Lion Club NFTs form a pride of 3845-strong unique 8k NFTs, ultra-realistically-rendered for elite holders. These stylish 3D lions are available on the Ethereum blockchain and come with 100+ realistic and customizable attributes to make each NFT stand out and roar!

They have been carefully crafted with care by LLC’s lead 3D designer and artistic director, Joel Best. As a renowned 3D modeler who has worked with HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Studios, Best has sculpted and modeled these hyper-realistic lions to perfection.

By owning these unbelievably beautiful NFTs, you will have access to an elite and private community of international high-stake NFT holders. And if you are lucky, you will also be able to make it to the privileged LLC Whitelist for prestigious events!

To stay updated on the NFTs, check out the Lucky Lion Club NFT Twitter page and join their Lucky Lion Club NFT Discord server for more details.

Lucky Lion Club NFT Dates To Remember

The Lucky Lion Club NFTs are steadily becoming a must-have collectible for NFT enthusiasts! From ultra-realistic art styles and customizable features to exclusive access to elite digital communities, these NFTs have paved a path toward continuous success.

According to the Lucky Lion Club NFT website, the private Mint sale took place on 4th February 2022 at 3 PM UTC for all the Whitelist members. These members had the exclusive guarantee to mint up to 2 Lucky Lion Club NFTs. 2 hours after this, at 5 PM UTC, the Raffle Sale began. The winners of this raffle were able to participate during the public mint.

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The Lucky Lion Club NFT Roadmap

The Lucky Lion Club NFT roadmap is full of intriguing turns and surprises, created to have holders asking for more. While it starts with 4 crucial stepping stones, the team’s long-term ideation has wilder plans in store!

Joel Best’s experience with VFX and animal creation for movies plays a pivotal role in breathing life to these 3,845 digital feline supremes. He collaborated with CG artist Stephen Goodson, whose masterful strokes simulated each strand of hair on the lions’ heads. Thanks to their third team-mate and 3D generalist, Aaron Hunwick, you can customize your NFTs with eye-popping accessories and fashionable costumes!

These artists hail from renowned movie studios and successful video game franchises, making these NFTs an artistic milestone on the blockchain. The team also created 6 exclusive legendary lions to reveal right before the mint. Thanks to them, you can now generate your Lucky Lion Club NFT from 100+ attributes and various rarities!

Up next comes the exclusive privileges of being an elite Lucky Lion Club member. Do you hold an LLC NFT? Then get ready for a pampering treatment fit for royalty! If you own an NFT from the genesis collection, you might enjoy private and international club events like The French Cesar movie awards, the Ballon D’Or ceremony, and more!

The goal is to professionally organize such private events every 4 months for all valuable members. These will have worldwide popular DJs, notable celebrities, and guests, and the guarantee of a well-earned great time!

Also, the LLC team looks to create a robust ecosystem within the Metaverse economy when it is more reliable. This way, holders like you will soon enjoy digital events and fun-filled parties!

The LLC team also hopes to help conserve wildlife and nature through charities. They aim to preserve nature and animals for a better tomorrow. Post-public sale, LLC announced the options to donate to charities or give back to the world for all holders. So As a Lucky Lion Club NFT owner, you can now donate to preserve the ethereal wildlife around you as a charitable act toward conservation!

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The Lucky Lion Club NFTs Sales Stats, And Price Prediction

The Lucky Lion Club NFTs Sales Stats, And Price Prediction

Now that the lions are out of the bag, here is a glance at the Lucky Lion Club NFT prices and sales volumes!

Lucky Lion Club NFT Floor Price and Mint Price

As of 25th January 2024, the Lucky Lion Club NFT floor price is 0.0087 ETH (Opensea), while the Lucky Lion Club mint price is 0.2 ETH + gas.

Lucky Lion Club NFT Sales Volume

According to the Lucky Lion Club NFT OpenSea, the volume traded on the 25th of January was 1,307 ETH.

Lucky Lion Club NFT Price Prediction

If you check OpenSea, Lucky Lion Club NFT price prediction is leaning towards a steady rise in its NFT holders. The future seems bright for those ready to roar!

How To Buy Lucky Lion Club NFT?

Now, if you are excited about this project and wondering how to buy Lucky Lion Club NFT, it is a quick process! All you need is a MetaMask wallet and an OpenSea Account. You can get your lions from OpenSea with the help of the funds in your wallet. 2 steps, and voila, you are now a part of an exclusive community of prestigious members!


In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Lucky Lion Club NFTs thrive tonight! With successful artists behind the hyper-realistic 3D lions, a promising roadmap, and a movement to restore nature and wildlife, the LLC team is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! (c)