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Collection Count: 9,090 Item


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Marketplace: Opensea


Who doesn’t love to spend a leisurely day at a golf course with friends and family while enjoying the outdoors? What if we told you that owning a membership to a golf course is equivalent to owning an NFT? LinksDAO NFT is one such project that is redefining the concept of modern golf and leisure clubs.

 MINT DATE: September 12, 2022


LinksDAO NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated !

In this post, we will discuss what LinksDAO is and how it works, the roadmap, the team, and an insight into its performance in the near future.

LinksDAO NFT Overview

LinksDAO NFT items9K
Unique Owners5.3K
LinksDAO NFT floor price0.125 ETH
Volume traded7K ETH

What Is LinksDAO NFT

LinksDAO NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated

LinksDAO NFT is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which means that it has no defined leadership structure. The decisions are made as a community using blockchain. Therefore, the members of the NFT owners will be the ones indirectly running the decisions of the project as any other golf or country club. The mastermind behind this project is Mike Dudas

According to the LinksDAO NFT website, there are two types of membership NFTs:

The Leisure Membership NFT is a total of 6,363 NFTs that enables owners to purchase a membership at a physical golf club that will be acquired by LinksDAO, access to members only discord channel, entry into the LinksDAO fantasy golf league, and more.

The Global Membership NFT is a collection of 2,727 NFTs that have all the benefits as that of the Leisure Membership along with a family member or 2 individual memberships at a physical club, access to IRL events, and so much more.

Additional accessibilities to these memberships are yet to be announced so keep an eye out on the website for the latest updates.

LinksDAO NFT Important Dates

The LinksDAO NFT presale was announced on 1st January 2022, followed by a public sale on the next day 2nd January 2022. The total number of LinksDAO NFT items that were up for sale was 9,090. And the LinksDAO mint price for the presale was 0.18 ETH and the public sale was at 0.72ETH.

The NFT sold out on the very next day on 3rd January 2022 thereby, helping the team raise $10.5 million to fund its operations. This announcement was also made on the LinksDAO NFT Twitter handle.

LinksDAO NFT RoadMap

The LinksDAO NFT lists a very impressive roadmap on its website with a promise to launch the governance token as early in 2022 as possible. The next step is to purchase a first course in mid-2022 and open it to the community. From there onwards, the project plans to expand to additional locations and create an impressive community of global membership.

As the project is fairly new, the roadmap is yet to be detailed with exact dates for the milestones. You can take a look at the roadmap on the LinksDAO NFT website.

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LinksDAO NFT Floor Price And Average Price Statistics

According to OpenSea, as of 25 January 2024, the LinksDAO NFT floor price is at 0.125 ETH with a total volume traded at 7K ETH.

In the last 7 days, LinksDAO NFT was sold at an average price of 0.8234 ETH with a 7-day trading volume of 1,657.5813 ETH.

LinksDAO NFT Price Prediction

Since the LinksDAO NFT project is a new addition to the NFT marketplace, it is too soon to list the prediction for its price. However, with the immense growth of the community and interests showcased by basketball Golden State Warriors Stephen “Steph” Curry the project is bound to show an upward graph.

Additionally, the platform announced a partnership with Five Iron Gold last night on 11th January 2022 which has further accelerated the team’s objectives for the project.

How To Buy LinksDAO NFT

How To Buy LinksDAO NFT

Giveaways And Discord Events

LinksDAO NFT frequently hosts giveaways and other competitions. Even though some of these announcements are made on their Twitter platform, all the juicy conversations, events, and winner announcements are hosted on their Discord channel. So ensure to be a part of the Discord community if you wish to earn memberships!

LinksDAO NFT OpenSea

LinksDAO NFT can be bought through the secondary market OpenSea. The project currently has a collection of 9.1K items. If you wish to make a purchase from OpenSea ensure that you do so from the official account. Beware of scammers on the platform.


The LinksDAO NFT is a first-of-its-kind project and shows immense promise. The future looks exciting for LinksDAO NFT with the kind of community it has built and the funds it has raised in a matter of a few days from its launch. We can expect more developments in the near future, so stay tuned.

Be a part of the action! Follow the LinksDAO Twitter handle, join Discord and keep an eye out on their website and OpenSea for the latest developments!

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