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Female Characters have always proved to be empowering, and Killer GF NFT is one such project. With its 7,777 generative portrait art collection on the Ethereum Blockchain, this deadly female-oriented project has most recently created a buzz amongst the NFT enthusiasts

 MINT DATE: January 24th 2022


Killer GF NFT Mint Price And Floor Price Details 2024

This article shall cover in-depth information about the idea behind the project, the storyline, the roadmap, and the growth status. Read further to experience a phenomenal moment with Killer GF NFTs.

Killer GF NFT Brief Overview

Total Items7,777
Killer GF NFT Mint Price0.08 ETH
Killer GF NFT Whitelist discount Mint Price (Uwucrew)0.065 ETH
Killer GF NFT Floor Price0.0699 ETH
Volume Traded21.6K

(The above statistical information stands valid as of January 25, 2024)

What Is The Killer GF NFT Project?

What Is The Killer GF NFT Project

The juxtaposition of Killer GF NFTs catches the eye of the community. The conjunction of beautiful female characters with the mind of a deadly assassin enthralls me already, and I hope it does the same to you. Xerosis, a former Riot Games Artist in collaboration with Uwulabs has perfectly designed Killer GF NFTs.

No NFT is the same, and one is just as rare as the other one. According to, the highest Killer GF NFT rarity score is 42075.7 as of January 30.

There are over 240 attributes and 8 traits incorporated in these happen-to-be deadly assassin girlfriends. Although dangerous, you will find yourself driven by the characters designed by Zeronis in this project. They are authentic, cute, and appealing, all at the same time.

If all of you are familiar with the Japanese Archetype, you will be able to decipher the story better than anyone else. The project is inspired by the yandere style prevalent in Japanese Anime. In a nutshell, Yandere means a female character who is innocent and sweet initially but later turns out to display her love interest through a violent nature.

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The Mysterious Assassin Story By Killer GF NFTs

Whilst the word dangerous might sound overrated, it isn’t. The illusory story behind Killer GF NFTs can back this up.

Let us dive deep into this Mysterious Assassin Story. It all starts with Cerise, the Killer GF Assassin who doesn’t have a true face. With the Mirror of Narcissus (a gift from the Crimson God), she has the supernatural power to transform into a disguise.  This gift is like an heirloom bestowed upon Crimson’s favorite killer for the purpose of carrying out assassinations. The question is, assassinate whom? Well, all those who bring down societies, religions, and supernatural entities.

Supernatural gifts always have a hidden secret. Oblivious to what it is, Cerise used the Mirror for the 7,777th time which led to the breakage of mirror dimensions. As a consequence, now there were 7,777 versions of Cerise across the Multiverse. All these versions are similar yet different in the way that they appear in a disguise that Cerise had worn for her past kills.

7,777 deadly assassins in one room, isn’t it already scary? We don’t know who the real and present Cerise is. Everything is mystifying. To finally determine who the true Cerise is, all of the versions would be participating in a game. A myriad of challenges, competition, and assassinations will be carried out and only one shall come out alive of this game.

Killer GF NFT Milestones To Cover

We know that this is a project that is at its early stage, however, as a part of the Killer GF NFT community, we should be enlightened about the rewards and the roadmap that the team is going to follow.

The project roadmap is divided into eight levels. Charity being their first step has already been executed. Their next step is to give away 10 Killer GF NFTs to random holders, followed by a giveaway of Zeronis’ old artwork.

Level 4 is an Art Airdrop wherein KGF promo artworks will be airdropped to all the holders. This is followed by 3 KGF promo artworks being airdropped to lucky holders. Now, it’s the time for the Merchandise! Shirts and Jackets having Killer GF will be created.

The last two levels will be your entry to the Metaverse and the Multiverse.

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Killer GF NFT Sales And Price Prediction

Killer GF NFT Sales And Price Prediction

The whitelisting and presales were done on January 22nd, and the official public sale took place on January 24th.

The sales have been increasing indicating an upward direction with very less fluctuations.  The project has been thriving and the sales will be increasing at least for some time in the NFT space.

Killer GF NFT price prediction can be made on the basis of the current statistics that show an increase in sales. The price might increase in the near future with the increase in demand.

How To Buy Killer GF NFT?

If you have made up your mind that you want to buy this NFT, here’s a guide for you. If you haven’t, you still have time to rethink, and come back here!

  1. Go to their official website
  2. Click on “Mint Killer GF NFTs” which will appear on the main page.
  3. Connect to your wallet.
  4. Once done, you can now buy these NFTs.
  5. After the transaction is processed, the NFT will then be stored in your wallet.
  6. You can also trade these NFTs by visiting the Killer GF NFT OpenSea platform.


For us audiences, Killer GF NFT is just a story. But if you want to experience what it feels like to be on the battleground, you must not miss any chance to grab Killer GF NFTs. The real fun is to play, not to just watch. Use your NFT’s tactics to win hearts in the Metaverse, and come out strong.

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