J minus Collection NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.6 SOL

Collection Count: 256 Item



Website: Link




The J-Minus Collection NFT includes 256 one-of-a-kind NFTs, each of which includes a piece of the master recording and publishing share of each song from their debut album “maybe we did it all wrong.”


January 06, 2022


The SolMusic NFT Team is leading this project on the Solana blockchain. This initiative aims to establish a statement that gives authority to the artist, Web3 investors, and music and culture consumers.

Ownership of these NFTs comes with special benefits such as free exclusive goods and unrestricted concert access to J-Minu$ shows for the artist’s entire career. Profits from this project will go straight to J minus career. Minu$’s the artist’s reputation increases, and so will the value of your NFT.

You can hold these J minus Collection NFT and collect actual music royalties while watching their value rise as J-Minus’s success improves and his fan base expands. The possibilities are limitless. So join the movement and be a part of music’s future.

About J-Minu$

J-Minu$ is a real hustler in every sense of the word, hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas. With an early affinity for music, J began recording and creating songs at the age of 16 out of his family’s food truck – while balancing a full-time job and other side hustles. J-Minu$ released approximately 70 tracks independently early in his career before entirely rebranding himself and beginning anew in 2021.

J minus Collection NFT Mint Price and Project Details !

J Minus Collection NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • The team will conduct a series of broadcasts and events leading up to the Mint Date, and we welcome everyone to come out and learn about the future of Sol Music and get ready for the debut of the J-Minus Collection NFT Project.
  • The team will have the mint site live, and with a low supply, the team anticipates a quick sellout (which it did), and secondary sales will be exclusively held on Exchange Art & Magic Eden.

Phase 2 :

  • At this time, the team will be analyzing the project mint. The team will use a grape protocol to create a unique chat channel for NFT holders where everyone may present their J minus Collection NFT and rate their collectibles. Secondary sales will continue to be held only on Magic Eden and Exchange. art.
  • The team will actively monitor J-Minu$ Project NFT holders and will begin distributing royalty payouts on streams and publicizing income quarterly, with any large syncs paid out within 48 hours. The first royalty payment will be made in January 2022.

Phase 3 :

  • The team will continue to provide royalty payments to its holders on a quarterly basis and arrange a 1/1 auction, single release, and large-scale marketing effort to promote J-Minu$’s music. The J minus Collection NFT team will be preparing for its next Sol Music project, in which they will optimize their royalty distribution system to be automated and real-time.
  • Seeking distribution and publishing partners in order to increase payment efficiency and grow their business.

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J Minus Collection NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The J minus Collection NFT Price as of now is 0.6 SOL which is the lowest price, and the highest-selling price is more than 2 SOL. There will be more future collections, but until then, you can buy the NFTs from the official J minus Collection Magic Eden.

For minting future collections, you will need to Sign up for an SOL wallet like Phantom and install it as a Chrome extension, then buy SOL on a marketplace like Coinbase and transfer it to your wallet, and you should be ready to link your wallet and mint your J-Minu$ NFT. To check out the project you can head over to the official J minus collection Website or join their Discord.