Invisible Friends NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.25 ETH

Collection Count: 5K Item



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The Invisible Friends NFT is a highly anticipated collection of 5,000 animated invisible figures. Many NFT aficionados throughout the world have expressed interest in the Project.


February 20, 2022


It was unknown when the NFTs would be made available for the longest time. But the wait is finally over for NFT collectors. According to the crew, these characters are truly concealed in the metaverse, and to learn more about them, you must enter Random Collective’s digital universe.

The limited supply, one of the lowest in the NFT market ever, prompted the high demand and price for this NFT following its introduction. As a result, Invisible Friends sold out within 24 hours of its release. During the debut, their price skyrocketed to 12 ETH ($29k).

The Invisible Friends released a special golden NFT named Golden Friend before the mint. This coin sold for 499.69 ETH (about $1.32 million). The creators of Invisible Friends donated the proceeds from the auction to the RCC Charity Fund. The auction winner received that NFT and five unrevealed Invisible Friends NFTs.

Invisible Friends NFT Project Roadmap And Details

Invisible Friends NFT Collection Details and Mint Price

The Invisible Friends, as the title indicates, contains characters with no apparent anatomy and a range of trendy clothing, zany accessories, and other spectacular attributes. Another distinguishing feature of these NFTs is that they are all animated by default. Indeed, each NFT is effectively a walking loop of an Invisible Friends figure.

From the start, one of the most intriguing aspects of Invisible Friends was its relationship to other NFT initiatives. Specifically, the Slim Hoods and Mood Rollers line. More specifically, Invisible Friends is a member of The Random Character Collective. This collection of projects revolves around three separate animators and their work (Magnusson, Slim Hoods’ James Curran, and Mood Rollers’ Lucas Zanotto).

While the Invisible Friends release dominated the NFT arena early this year, it wasn’t without difficulties. For example, one of the first instances Invisible Friends was chastised was when it published its 0.25 ETH (about $700 at the time) mint price.

Some members of the NFT community believed the mint price was excessively high. On the other hand, considering the hoopla around the Project, many individuals thought the price was more than reasonable. The minting price looks to be a bargain in light of where the floor price has been since the official mint.

The Project began its adventure with a Discord grind that ended in them achieving level 3 and having enormous involvement in its community games. To get recognition, the squad also sold $2,000 in apparel. They captured the attention of global NFT lovers with this easy marketing strategy.

Following this, the community decided to reserve 50% of the 5,000 NFTs for holders of RCC’s past NFT collectors, with the remaining 50% going to early supporters and active community members. Others in the Invisible Friends NFT, community went to remarkable lengths to achieve their goal, such as Twitter users cematakli and 27 Andre, who created games based on the Invisible Friends comic book series.

After some time, the community decided to gather funds for a charitable organization. To generate funds for the cause, a magnificent gold Invisible Friend was auctioned off. What was the successful bid? It was purchased for a whopping 496.69 ETH ($1.3M). The customer, known on Twitter as BOOOMR, purchased the one-of-a-kind Gold version and five previously unknown Invisible Friends NFTs.

The Invisible Friends NFT Mint Price And Details

The Invisible Friends NFT began minting in February 2022 and became purchasable in the same month, according to Even though the artworks had not been exposed, the NFTs, initially issued for 0.25 Ethereum, have reached as high as 15 Ethereum on the secondary market OpenSea.

In addition, the most expensive NFT in the collection, a one-of-a-kind golden NFT from the Invisible Friends collection, was sold at a charity benefit for 496.69 Ethereum.

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Where Can I Buy Invisible Friends NFT?

The Invisible Friends NFT Mint Price

You can buy the Invisible Friends NFT Collection from Opensea. Opensea is one of the best and most unique marketplaces as almost all crypto trading professionals and NFT users use it to acquire NFTs. This site is the largest NFT marketplace in terms of trade volume, and customers have access to various collections, including art, domain names, and in-game stuff.

One of the reasons this platform is regarded as the greatest is that OpenSea was a pioneer in NFT trading, being the first platform to provide NFT trading on the marketplace. There are currently over one million users on the platform. Although OpenSea is built on the Ethereum blockchain, users may pay with over 150 other cryptocurrencies.

The beautiful thing about OpenSea is that they only charge fees to customers who sell their tokens. You will be charged a 2.5 percent commission if you wish to sell Invisible Friends. People who purchase NFTs, on the other hand, incur no charges. Crypto and Binance are two additional locations where you may purchase NFT. To know more about the project details follow its official Twitter and Discord channels here.