Initium Project NFT

Initium Project NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.088

Collection Count: 4,444 Item



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The Initium Project NFT is a collection of 4,444 unique mekalord robots-themed NFTs which will feature a P2E game. The Initium Project is a free-to-play-to-earn blockchain-based strategic combat game that is changing the social landscape of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

 MINT DATE: March 13,2022


Initium Project NFT Drop Details And Mint Price About Everything !

For decades, the online video game industry had forced players to work for free for hours on end when the pressure of deadlines wore down its teams. The general public has stigmatized gamers as time-wasting addicts. By providing a genuinely empowering game, the Initium Project NFT team hopes to end the exploitation of gamers and this great hypocrisy.

The members are requested to hold on to their nfts as they will be a real advantage for all investors :

  • The genesis will passively be ultra profitable.
  • Players will have a genuine interest in owning it.
  • The value of the NFT will increase when the final game is released.
  • It will grow as new players will want to challenge you.

Initium Project NFT Game :

In the Initium Project Game, each player will have five cards to play during the combat. The outcome of the fight will rely on four different aspects: the rarity of the MekaLord, the robot’s experience as a fighter, the strategy of the players, and the hazard. In order to give each MekaLord a chance to win, the player’s strategy will be predominant in the final result of the fight.

The Initium Project NFT Game currency will be the $TIUM and it will allow you to play, bet and trade in the game. Members have to put $TIUM to fight, and you can also trade the cards of your deck in the marketplace to improve your MekaLords.

There are six main ways to earn $TIUM :

  1. Players earn $TIUM when they win fights in the game.
  2. The player can sell cards of their deck on the marketplace to earn $TIUM.
  3. It is possible to bet $TIUM during public fights.
  4. The MekaLord Genesis can manage a team of MekaLord of next-generation and get a volume of $TIUM.
  5. Each Mekalord will be able to receive a % of the $TIUM locked.
  6. The MekaLords can breed and sell their soul block in the Initium Project NFT Game.

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Initium Project NFT Roadmap :

Initium NFT

At 25% :

  • The team will provide the Initium community with an exclusive video trailer of the fantastic graphics of the final version of the 3D PlayToEarn game and the full Initium Project NFT Roadmap..

At 50% :

  • An alpha version of the game will be released, in which holders can compete with their robots and wager cryptocurrencies.

At 75% :

  • The team will organize an epic fighting tournament in which the best fighters will compete for a massive prize pool in Ethereum and a fantastic and one-of-a-kind figurine of their robot.

At 100% :

  • The team will release the full version of the 3D PlayToEarn game created by the Initium Project NFT game developers.

Initium Project NFT Drop Date – Mint Price Details

The Initium Project NFT price will be 0.088 ETH, and the public mint will start on 13th March. The Whitelist sale will start on the same date bu, and its Mint price will also be 0.088 ETH. The users can mint a maximum of 4 NFTs per wallet, and you can also get great rewards depending on how many NFTs you mint.

  • If you mint 3 MekaLords, you will receive the Sandbox-compatible voxelized versions of your 3 MekaLords as new NFTs for free.
  • If you mint 4 MekaLords, you will get private access to the demo version of the video game and participate in the finalization of Alpha and the final game.

You can mint the NFT directly from the official website. On Mint Day, connect your Metamask wallet to the website and click MINT to purchase your NFT. You can join the official Initium Project NFT Discord or Twitter channels to know more about the Project.

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