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Illuminati NFT is a series of 8,218 NFTs on the Blockchain. These NFTs are of the type that is to be revealed once all of them are bought.


December 13,2021


Illuminati NFT: The NFT Chamber Of Secrets?!

The Secret Society Comes For The Web 3 Community

The revelation determines the rarity, the wisdom, and the value of a single Illuminati NFT. Much like the mystical Secret Society in real life, IlluminatiCollective is a DAO that has existed for a while now. And much documentation for the DAO is hidden between the lines of the web.

What is the purpose of the Illuminati NFT? Who all are eligible to be a part of this Web3 Secret Society? And finally, when and what is to be revealed? Let’s unearth the truth. 

This article attempts to demystify the secrecy, the folklore, the governance, of the immensely nebulous NFT Collection: The Illuminati NFT.

Tabling Their Numbers, What Mystery Do They Hold?

Illuminati NFT items8,127
Illuminati NFT Floor price0.0835 ETH
Volume Traded10,576 ETH

he Rebirth Of A Secret Society

Illuminati NFT Floor Price


The Illuminati NFT is an incantation of the Ancients of the Illuminati Collective DAO. The sole purpose of the Illuminati NFT is to create a secret club of the elite on the Blockchain. This will hence be processed in multiple phases. Each phase allows holders of various revered NFT clubs to Mint one of the Illuminati NFTs. With mysterious wordplay and twisted trajectories for their Project, the Illuminati Collective plans to distribute 50% of it all to their DAO. And other members. 

Relevant Dates That Fit Into The Timeline

The Pre Launch time is around December 6th, 2021. When cryptic posts, riddles, and the so-called ‘path’ are shown to the familiars of the members of the DAO.

From December 13-15. Several clubs are allowed to Mint. And that proceeds to Phase 2 with several more clubs from December 20-22. On January 3rd, 2022, the mega public sale was launched, although just before that, for 8 hours, some more clubs that were whitelisted were allowed to pass through. Finally, on January 7th, the art gets revealed and thus the store ensues.

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The Covered Truth, Clubs, And The Coveted Roadmap

As seen with the dates, the Illuminati NFT takes over multiple phases and allows elite clubs/NFT Projects Holders to Mint.

  • Phase I: For 2 days, members of the following clubs were allowed to Mint. Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comic, Cool Cats, Cyberkongz, and VeeFriends were all the clubs. These are ones with the maximal celebrity outreach.
  • Phase II: Again, for 2 days, members and holders of Mutant Ape Yacht Club, GCG, RTFKT (CloneX and others), Doodles, Meebits, Cryptoadz, Metahero, Ghxsts, Hirst, WOW, AB, Rumble Kong, Neo Toyko, and Creature, were allowed to Mint.
  • Phase III: Whitelisting of more collections was conducted and they were allowed to Mint for 8 hours only.
  • Phase IV/Public Sale: Everyone was allowed to Mint. This was so immensely successful, it all got sold out.
  • The Truth be Told: On January 7th, all of the mystery behind the club gets unveiled.

Along with this, the Project also carries a Smart Contract with a DAO, whose Governance Token is called $TRUTH. And plays a key role once everything gets revealed.

The sales, numbers, numbers, numbers! Everywhere!

The Floor Price For The Illuminati NFT


The Floor Price For The Illuminati NFT

The Illuminati NFT Floor Price as of January 25th, 2024, stands at 0.0835 ETH. And the Illuminati NFT Mint Price was selected as 0.23 ETH. As confirmed by the Illuminati NFT Twitter, the Mint Price has meaning attached to it.

The Total Volume Of Sales

The total volume traded since the launch is 1,200 ETH. And in the last month of 2024, the average price edges close to the Floor Price at 0.55 ETH. And the number of sales witnessed a dip in early January.

The Price Prediction For The NFT

The Illuminati NFTs shall be revealed on 7th January, as of 5th January, the hype for the reveal is increasing as we’re getting close to the reveal. And the Illuminati NFT Twitter has been fairly active with cryptic tweets regarding the truth. Hence, the Illuminati NFT price prediction dictates that it shall go up, along with the floor price. On and post 7th January.

How To Get Your Hands On The NFT?

When asked, Illuminati NFT, how to buy it? Where to buy it? It’s pretty simple, it’s all on the Illuminati NFT OpenSea. And one must verify their wallet to Mint it, as their official website announces.

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After The Reveal After-Party

After the reveal, the Governance, working, and secrets of the Club, while hidden from the public, will be unmasked for all the NFT holders. Thus, riding off the success of the real-life theory of the Illuminati, this Project comes off as promising. The Society shall have its perks within the Metaversal and Elitist worlds of the other NFTs involved.

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