Public Sale Price: 0.05 ETH

Collection Count: 3,333 Item



Website: Link




The HER NFT is a collection of 3,333 full anime-themed girl illustrations. Inspired by anime and fashion, this collection features elegant handcrafted clothes with an attention to detail, from daring, diversified, and exquisite ensembles to business-casual wear.


May 21, 2022


Rare clothes inspired by some of the team’s favorite video games and anime may be found hidden throughout the collection.

HER NFT Drop Details and Mint Price !

HER NFT Roadmap

Phase 1:

  • HER NFT team conceptualization and development will be started where an Art creation landing page for upcoming events will be made.
  • Community outfit poll Early community members decided and selected two outfits.
  • Provision of early member benefits and Discord account creation.
  • HER announcement and social media campaign.
  • Exclusive seasonal drops for HER cardholders.

Phase 2:

  • Pre-sale: early and reduced HER NFT mint price for whitelisted customers (allocation 500).
  • Profits are reinvested in marketing and partnerships.
  • Public sale: offers early mint discounts for those with advantages.
  • A few days later, the opensea will be revealed.
  • The collection contains a unique attribute where every person who possesses that attribute will get an airdrop at a later date to be disclosed.
  • Holders will get first access to HER NFT whitelist possibilities.

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Phase 3:

  • All community members with a holding position in Discord will have the opportunity to take a seat at the table, with 33 percent of all revenues going to the community wallet.
  • You can vote on how to utilize the cash, whether through community projects, giveaways, or the creation of a new project.
  • Through research, development, and strategic collaborations, the team hopes to enhance the HER NFT brand and community.
  • First Seasonal NFT Collection on June 8 – “World Oceans Day.”

HER NFT Mint Price And Details

The HER NFT Mint Price will be 0.05 ETH (OG role .045 ETH), and its whitelist mint price will be 0.04 ETH. The project mint date has not been announced yet, but it will start on May 21, 2022. You will be able to mint directly from the official HER Website on the mint date by connecting your Metamask wallet.