Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT


Public Sale Price: 35 MATIC

Collection Count: 3,333 Item



Website: Link




The number of NFTs available for the Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Project is restricted to 3,333, representing equity units in the project’s Community Hedge Fund. Each Hyena has 500 units, and each Hyena minted before the public sale will include an additional 50 units (550).


January 28, 2022


Twenty per cent of mint’s funding will go into the Hedge Fund. The community (verified holders) will gather and vote on whether or not to invest in other initiatives. The team will evaluate financial potential, project sustainability/utility, community, legitimacy, and a plethora of other factors.

A successful hedge fund will distribute dividends to investors based on the number of stock units (or Hyenas) they own—profit increases as the number of equity units increases. Holders of a non-profitable hedge fund will experience no gain or loss.

The objective of the Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Teams is to facilitate a hedge fund while constantly rewarding its community and NFT holders. The team has already begun a string of freebies and promotional activities.

Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Drop

The Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Roadmap :

At 20% :

  • Pre-launch Giveaways, AMA’s, Competitions, Rare reveals and much more.
  • Hedge Fund is formed using 20% of the total Mint cost.
  • Verified Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Holders and the project team will review opportunities and vote on investments.

At 50% :

  • The first 50% of Holders will be rewarded with a +10% boost in Hedge Fund equity.

At 75% :

  • Contributions to the Hedge Funds will be increased from 20% to 30% for all mints after the 75% milestone.

At 100%:

  • Hedge Fund Diversities portfolio beyond NFTs.
  • Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Investors receive and review suggestions for altcoins and digital land.
  • Exclusive and unique digital merchandise will be released to celebrate the successful roadmap completion.

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Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Price for its public sale will be 35 MATIC, and its mint date is January, 28th 2022. Pre-sale will start on January 26th, and its price will be 25 MATIC. The official Hedge Fund Hyenas Marketplace will on Opensea. 

How To Mint Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT :

The users can mint a Hyena NFT through the projects official website during the pre and public sale. The users will need MATIC in their wallet to mint, and the Polygon Network set up in the Metamask. For more information regarding buying MATIC and setting up Polygon, users can join the official Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Discord.