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Matt Sypien, an art director, created the Hapebeast Prime NFT Collection. The ‘HAPEBBEAST Prime’ collection has 8K distinct NFTs. What exactly is HAPEBEAST? It’s part of the London-based firm Digimental’s ‘new art’ and fashion playground.


January 19, 2022


The first batch of 8,192 unique NFTs will promote and connect style, technology, and community, establishing HAPES as a next-generation fashion leader. I believe those are cool, and I like how the NFT drop incorporates fashion. The compilation was released in January, although it is still available on secondary markets.

The Hape NFT, which is built on its community of Hape owners, allows users to switch or alter their clothes and generally adjust their PFP look. Since its inception on January 19th, 2022, the project has grown in popularity among NFT fans and Ape devotees. Several Ape collectors have praised the project’s laid-back and luxury dress sense.

Ape-facing NFTs are not a passing craze, as seen by Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs’ success in the crypto market. If you’re looking for a prospective profile photo (PFP) Ape NFT, Hapes should pique your interest.

Hapebeast Prime NFT Drop Details and Mint Price

What Is The Hapebeast Prime NFT Collection

The Hapebeast Prime NFT Collection is a group of 8,192 distinct apes out to reshape the digital fashion world. According to the project’s developers, the PFP avatars are completely 3D, and each Ape NFT is dressed in rich and eye-catching apparel. Digimental, an NFT-focused digital media firm, established the NFT initiative.

The Hape NFT, which is built on its community of Hape owners, allows users to switch or alter their clothes and generally adjust their PFP look. The ultimate aim is to be ranked in the ecosystem’s first-ever Hape Fashion Index, which picks the best-dressed ape of the week.

The Hapes also has a Hapewalk Runway where owners may show off their collections and become Hapefluencers or vocal voices. This community member has the opportunity to receive real-world prizes from the Hapes project. The Hapes is built on the Ethereum platform, and each of their 8,192 tokens operates on the widely used ERC-20 token standard.

The HAPE Prime backstory recounts a catastrophic lightning bolt two million years ago that shattered the Ape Universe. The lightning impact cracks and spreads Ape Universe, scattering HAPE Primes throughout the Universe. To construct a more elegant and safe future, the Primal Hape must wait for the complete family to reunite. The Hapes is lovely and well-liked, yet they are also distinct from one another.

Matt Sypien, an art director, working on an NFT endeavor to produce 8k unique NFTs, created HAPE Prime on the Ethereum network.

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Advantages Of Owning A Hapebeast Prime NFT

Hape NFT owners will get several perks. For one thing, people can readily flaunt their fashionable Apes on their social media profiles.
Another feature is the option to swap out the Hape NFT’s wearables. Hapes can change their outfits thanks to digital drops from the Hape Prime NFT team.
The most visually appealing and well-dressed NFTs are then ranked in the Hape Fashion Index, which determines the best-dressed Hape NFTs. Each Hape has a distinct set of characteristics that set it apart from the others.

Furthermore, we expect that owners will be rewarded with custom-designed gear, additional drops, and other project-related perks.

Hapebeast Prime NFT Mint Price

Hapebeast Prime NFT Drop Details And Mint Price

The HAPE Prime NFT collection is available on the OpenSea marketplace for 0.775 ETH. Over 53,000 ETH had been exchanged as of publication time. Over 5,000 people have invested in the new PFP NFT initiative. The HAPE Prime NFT collection is quickly becoming one of the most popular and widely adopted Ape Multiverse sets. The price of the NFT is expected to rise as its Discord channel continues to recruit members and the concept finds attention on social media platforms.