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The Geisha Tea House NFT is endowed with endearing beauty and is classified into nine distinct rarity categories, resulting in numerous intriguing attribute combinations. Your Geisha NFT doubles as your Tea House invitation and entitles you to exclusive member perks, the first of which is access to our monthly Tea House events and launchpad, among others. For further information, please see our roadmap.

 MINT DATE: February 12,2022


Geisha Tea House NFT Launch Details Everything About The Geisha House Drop !

A geisha is a female professional entertainer of males in Japan. No, no, listen to us out. Although some have beautiful appearances that could be misconstrued as flirtatiousness, geisha are not to be confused with courtesans or prostitutes.

After completing her training, a Geisha is recruited to perform at tea house banquets, where well-to-do gentlemen congregate for business and pleasure.

Apart from being entertaining, geisha are also valuable sources of intelligence, as they overhear their hosts’ conversations during performances. Yes, we enjoy that section as well.

The Geisha Tea House NFT Roadmap :

Geisha tea house NFT Project

AIRDROP –During the Mint Phase, the Akirelu Okiya will airdrop 5 free Geisha NFT among early supporters.

LAUNCH PAD – Holding your Geisha NFT will serve as an access card to the launchpad, securing your whitelist spots for the hottest NFT projects in the space.

MONTHLY EVENTS – Once a month, the community will invite whales and experts to not only talk but DO business. Eventually, these events will take place in the project’s very own virtual Tea House built in Decentraland.

ALPHA COMMUNITY – Akirelu Okiya offers Discord channels with Holders-Only Access. Think of it as exclusive access to that club you went to the other day, but a better one.

GEISHA STORE – The most exclusive items you would buy for your geisha, you can buy them for your other loved one too, or for yourself, if we may hint at some… well never mind. And of course, there is The Rare Store. Here the tangible collectors’ items are sold. Rare items will even be available in shared ownership, bridging the gap between the metaverse and the real world.

COMPANION NFT – Being a loyal patron, you’ll be able to mint a free Maiko NFT – the uneducated and slightly more naughty little apprentice. Holding both NFTs will have additional benefits so you may want to hold on to them.

LIQUIDITY POOL – The community will use part of the mint proceeds and sales commissions to buy the floor. Purchased Geishas will be entered into promotions and marketing.

LONGEVITY – Not last and certainly not least. The project community will reinvest to keep The Geisha Tea House ongoing by constantly innovating and growing every offer.

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Roadmap 2.0 :

FUNDING GREAT STUFF During the Mint Phase, the Akirelu Okiya will airdrop 5 free Geisha NFT among early supporters.

LAUNCH PAD With our Hanamachi Fund, a percentage of sales commissions will be used to set up investment funds for business-related events in The Geisha Tea House Community.

OPEN YOUR EYES, IT’S OCULUS Inevitably, the project will go inside the Oculus, and some exciting events will be coming your way there.

CHEERS! And how about receiving a $GEISHA Token in turn for staking your NFT? This custom token will be used across our entire ecosystem. So stay tuned.


The Geisha Tea House NFT Drop/ Launch Date – Mint Details

The Pre-sale price of Geisha Tea House NFT Drop is 0.0555 ETH, whereas the price for the public mint is 0.0888 ETH. Dates for both pre-sale and public sales are 12th February 2022.

The simplest method is to install the MetaMask plugin for Chrome and connect it to your Ethereum wallet. Ascertain that you have sufficient ETH in your wallet to cover the cost of an NFT, as well as associated transaction (gas) fees. You are now ready to proceed with the transaction on MetaMask. Geisha Tea House NFT will be available for minting exclusively on (always check the URL).

You can use your Geisha NFT as a profile image online or resell it for a profit. Your Geisha NFT also serves as a membership card for our Tea House, granting you access to member-only events, hangouts, and our launchpad. Once roadmap 2.0 is activated, you will be able to stake your Geisha and earn a native token for our Tea House Ecosystem.

Once you have minted a Geisha Tea House NFT drop, you will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

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