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Throw your cards, place your bets and get ready to gamble with the Gambling Apes NFT Collection! The Gambling Apes NFT is a collection of 7,777 apes and consists of more than 120 different traits which makes them completely unique. What defines the Gambling Apes NFT Rarity are aspects like the background, headwear, clothing, and clothing style.


September 13, 2021


In this article, we take a look at the inside story of Gambling Apes NFT, some statistical analysis, price predictions, and tips on how you can be a part of their community. So let’s dive right in!

Gambling Apes NFT Overview

Gambling Apes NFT Items7.8K
Unique Owners3.4K
Gambling Apes Floor Price0.02 ETH
Volume Traded9.8K ETH

What Are The Gambling Apes NFT?

The Gambling Apes NFT project has been founded by Marcel Schwarz and his friends who co-own casinos in the Metaverse. Marcel Schwarz has said that he is a degen. In simple terms, degen is used to describe people who love gambling.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the Gambling Apes NFT team aims at creating entertainment centers in the Metaverse wherein players can gamble crypto and meet other like-minded people. This ideation will soon be possible with the creation of the Gambling Apes casino in Decentraland.

Gambling Apes NFT Mint Price And Dates

The Gambling Apes NFT was launched on September 5, 2021, with an announcement on the official Twitter handle.

Gambling Apes NFT Twitter Announcement

Image source: Twitter

Within the first 7 minutes of the sales, all 7,777 NFTs were sold out at a Gambling Apes  NFT mint price of 0.25ETH.

Gambling Apes

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On September 13, 2021, the Gambling Apes team announced the biggest sale of Gambling Ape #3999 for 7ETH or ~$23,317 with a Gambling Ape Rarity of #10.

Gambling Ape NFT 3999

Image Source: Twitter

On September 20, 2021, another exciting news was that a 14-parcel land purchase was complete that would host the construction of the virtual casino.

Gambling Apes NFT Roadmap

On September 23, 2021, a roadmap was shared on the official Twitter account.

Gambling Ape NFT Roadmap

If you wish to know more about what the future plans are for Gaming Apes NFT don’t forget to read their whitepaper. The team has also laid out its roadmap on Trello.

Here’s what you can expect from Gambling Apes NFT in the near future:

  • Weekly competitions with massive prizes inclusive of online poker tournaments, Draftkings leagues, sports betting pools, and Blackjack tournaments.
  • Go Banana Parties, twice in a year, with special events and opportunities to gamble at the table.
  • Moving ahead on the concept of Degen, Gambling Apes will have additional utilities along with token implementation.
  • Expect exclusive Gambling Apes NFT club merchandise called the Max Bet Club.
  • Working around the concept of degens, you can also expect betting across sports like NFL, NHL, Soccer, MMA, and more.

Gambling Apes Sales Statistics

As of 25 January 2024, the floor price of Gambling Apes NFTs is at 0.02 ETH. Data was taken from Rarible.

The Volume Of The Sales

As of 25 January 2024, according to NFT Stats Gambling Apes NFTs were sold 198 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume was at $877K with an average price of $4431.

Gambling Apes NFT Mint Price Prediction

At this stage, it is hard to predict how much the Gambling Apes NFT mint price will be worth. However, it is easy to see the potential that Gambling Apes hold. But all bets are off until we see real-world adoption and implementation in Metaverse. So hold on to your Gambling Apes, they are sure to be worth a lot in the future.

How To Buy Gambling Apes NFT

The Gambling Apes team hosts weekly competitions. Even though they make these announcements on Twitter, the details are shared in the Discord channel. These competitions also include sports betting.

Gamnling Ape NFT Fantasy

Image source: Twitter

Here is one such weekly competition that was announced on 8th October 2021.


Giveaways are announced quite frequently on the official Twitter handle. Ensure that you follow all guidelines while participating to win the free Gambling Apes NFTs.

Gambling Ape NFT

Image source: Rarible

You can also buy Gambling Apes NFT from secondary markets like OpenSea or Rarible. However, beware of scammers and fake pages on Open Sea. Always from the official Gaming Apes NFT Open Sea collection. Here’s what it looks like –


Gambling Apes NFT holds high potential in the future of the NFT marketplace and its utility in Metaverse. The roadmaps and whitepaper released by the team show that they have only just begun. For a project that started in September 2021, they have made great strides. We are excited to see what the future holds for Gambling Apes NFT and look forward to seeing it grow into a top-tier NFT. Want more action? Follow the official Gambling Apes NFT Twitter handle, join the Discord channel, and keep a lookout on Open Sea and the Gambling Apes website.