Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult NFT


Public Sale Price: 2.5 ETH

Collection Count: 9.3K Item



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If you have been a fan of folklore, like Final Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter that has wizards in it, the forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT project will allow you to co-create one. Forgotten Runes NFT is a collection of 10K unique Blockchain-based digital collectibles with unique names.


June 28, 2021


Created by a collaboration between LA and Austin-based creative Studio Magic Machine and Emmy award-winning animation Titmouse, Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT has a market cap of 29.8K ETH or as much as USD 96 Million. Joined in 2021, Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT has 20.3K followers on Twitter and 23,356 members on Discord.

Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult NFT Review & Important Details

All the 10K Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFTs were sold out within 28 minutes. At that time, Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult NFT mint price was only 0.07 ETH. So, how do you make up your mind about buying the Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFTs?

To help you out, we will go through a detailed review where we will try to reveal all its best features, and later on, we will try to make a logical Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT price prediction.

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT: Some Quick Facts

Number of Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFTs: 9.3K
Current Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT Floor price (As of 25th January 2024): 0.74 ETH
Number of owners: 3K
Volume traded: 18K ETH

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT: Where Do The Wizards Come From?

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT project offers a new type of NFT collection that takes you back to those retro video game characters in the 90s with a touch of magic. As mentioned above, each Forgotten Runes NFT is unique and the owner has the liberty to co-create a back story for their characters.

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT Drop

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT community is rich and contributes through their intellect by writing stories or composing poems and even creating animations. Each artwork is stored in the Book of Lore which is the setting stone of this Wizardy universe.

The best part of having a rich community is that the members can help re-create your character or create the lore for a minimal commission.

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT: When Will The Airdrops Happen?

On the eve of Halloween 2021, the great burning – the dark magic took place where you could burn your wizard in the flame to receive its ghost, which is more powerful. A total of 1112 flames were airdropped, which were also NFTs. This will allow you to create a rare or maybe an ultra-rare Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT with a good rarity score.

The team didn’t want to up the gas war and that is why there weren’t any time limits on using those flames.

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Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult Productive Plans?

Just like their ideas, the roadmap seems quite impressive as well. The Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT has two roadmaps and the first one is likely to cover some awesome upgrades, like secret NFT airdrops, and 3D models of the wizards. The most impressive part is that after reaching “8888”, the team will take the project forward with the “Forgotten souls” project.

If you think this is awesome, they have exceeded our expectations by announcing Roadmap 2.0. This is where the team will provide full turnaround models for all the wizards. As they are planning to be a part of the Metaverse and launch the Book of Lore soon, such modifications would be necessary to play the strategy and PvP battle games. 

The team has also promised to release The Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT comic and an animated short quite soon – in short, they seem to have everything to keep you entertained.

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT: Where Is The Market Heading?

According to the reports from, 698 Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFTs were sold in the last 7 days where the highest one was sold for USD 261.2K (as of 22nd August 2022). The trading volume of the last 7 days was a whopping USD 8.13 Million while the average price was USD 11.7K (not bad at all, if you are looking for a successful NFT project).

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT Statistics

How To Buy Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT?

After seeing the market price, you must have been wondering about the process of Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT and how to buy – right?

All the Forgotten Runes NFTs were sold out in less than half an hour of their release. But, now they are available at the secondary NFT marketplace i.e. OpenSea where you can buy or bid on Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT by connecting with your digital wallet.

Conclusion: Should You Own The Wizards?

NFT market is volatile, but the price patterns say a lot about the future of any NFT project – and Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult NFT seems to have passed on that test. Since day 1, Forgotten Runes NFT has managed to balance its popularity. Even after saying that, the project has seen a few rough patches in the middle – but not quite serious.

The team is quite active on YouTube as well and uploads regular video tutorials/guides every Wednesday to keep the community up-to-date. One drawback is that all the 9419 Forgotten Runes NFTs have been distributed only within 2626 owners – which is most likely to get balanced before or after they join the Metaverse.