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FancyBears Metaverse NFT is an extravagant project with a collection of 8,888 bears created on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning this NFT will enable you to enter into the famous personalities’ realm and meet artists, top athletes, influencers, celebrities as well as Nobel Prize winners.

 MINT DATE: February 11,2022


FancyBears Metaverse NFT Mint Price And Floor Price

The project bestows upon holders a lavish time in the Metaverse with concerts, pool parties, and tennis play. No wonder it was sold in 8 minutes (as per their official website).

With the FancyBears Metaverse NFT project, meeting your idols or role models will be fun and easy. To know more about what the project is about and the benefits you will avail yourself of, read this article further. You will also find their engaging roadmap, token, and much more.

Brief About FancyBears Metaverse NFT

Total Items7.8K
FancyBears Metaverse Floor Price0.07 ETH
Volume Traded5.3K

From Celebrities To Bears, Everything About FancyBears Metaverse NFT

FancyBears Metaverse NFT» Everything About Mint Price & Floor Price

Created by Fanadise, this project will indeed give you a “fancy” experience as it is explicitly for social media, celebrities, and entertainment. You can join their annual Fancy Bears Party and win amazing gifts like a Ferrari, rare sneakers, and of course, NFTs!

What makes this project more attractive and promising is that this Metaverse Club has around 20 influencers as honorary members. This mere fact adds up to an extra level of faith from the holders in FancyBears Metaverse NFT. With brand partnerships, FBM NFT strives to become powerful and expand its horizons.

This NFT will crystallize into something more lively. If you are a holder, be prepared for all the exciting rewards, and benefits that they will drop in for you. From witnessing a metaverse land airdrop, token airdrops, and NFT airdrops, to free merchandise, free 3D scan, and a big lottery, the project will win your heart.

Free merchandise includes a T-shirt and hoodies with your bear (it is now available to buy on the FancyBears Metaverse NFT website). As a holder, the artwork solely belongs to you and you have its full commercial usage right.

They will also create a fancy DAO, and the estimated value of assets in this is more than $700K. 30% royalties will be dedicated to the Fancy Bears DAO. Moreover, they have 3D scanning technology. Through this, the holders can access Metaverse club and land, enabled with 3D scanning.

If you are one of the reward holders, you must know that 30% of the royalties will go toward the yearly reward fund. On an annual basis, you may be rewarded with a Ferrari and other benefits. Who knows you might be the lucky one!

FancyBears Metaverse reviews are all over FancyBears Metaverse Twitter page and the community is also doing its best to make the project more and more visible.

FancyBears Metaverse NFT Officially Into NFT 2.0 Era

As the creators say, “$HONEY is the dawn of the NFT 2.0 era”. $HONEY is a utility token of FBM NFT which combines ERC721 and ERC20, Gaming, and Defi. These honey jars act as a key to buying land in their Metaverse.

These tokens will be airdropped in March and if you are a FancyBears Metaverse NFT holder, you can access these tokens or Honey Jars. Every bear and Honey Jar will have a certain number of $HONEY tokens. Remember, the more Fancy bears you own, the more jars or tokens you can avail.

With their token, they are revolutionizing the NFT space. As you take a few steps further, you will win amazing Honey jars. Do not miss out on its official release, and grab as many as you can.

$HONEY token brings much more utilities on the table, or let’s just say a farming system. You will be able to stake your bears and jars and farm more $HONEY.

Note: With a honey jar, you will be able to modify your FancyBears Metaverse NFT look, add some features, and much more.

FancyBears Metaverse NFT Roadmap And What’s Next For The Holders?

The project has already proven to be exciting for the community. Wait up, for they have to go a long way in making sure that the holders feel complete and accomplished as they buy FMB NFT.

Few levels in their FancyBears Metaverse roadmap have been revealed and few are yet to be announced, as of February 11th. For January 2022, they had certain goals that they have already embarked upon.

As mentioned earlier too, they will be sending customized hoodies and T-shirts for you. You can buy from their FancyBears Metaverse NFT website ( The voting and Fancy DAO website has also been developed. Lastly, a song was produced by Fancy Label, and a premier party for the same was held on their Partner’s Metaverse.

For February, they are working on sending Honey Jars for every bear and creating an animated bear series. Additionally, a PvP Metabears game will be launched, and a Fancy Metaverse shall be launched with their partner.

To uncover the rest of their roadmap, stay in the loop with them on the FancyBears Metaverse Discord server.

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FancyBears Metaverse NFT Sales And Price Details

How To Buy FancyBears Metaverse NFT

According to their official Twitter page, the FancyBears Metaverse Mint price for pre-sale was set at 0.15 ETH + Gad. This was followed by a public sale and FancyBears Metaverse Mint Price for the same was set at 0.19 ETH + Gas.

Since the launch of the project, the sales of NFTs have been increasing. As of February 11, 2022, the all-time average price is set at 0.4344 ETH.

Owing to the increase in sales, FancyBears Metaverse NFT price prediction says that the price is going to rise in the near future. Also since they will be launching their token soon, the project will create a buzz in the market again.

Whilst talking about sales, let us also see their supply distribution. 500 NFTs were reserved for celebrities and athletes. Out of 300, 260 were reserved for fancy brands, and the other 40 were for fancy team bears. 200 were reserved for $KARMA holders and finally 7888 for Fancy Bear Club members.

How To Buy FancyBears Metaverse NFT

Follow these steps to get into their community:

  1. Currently, you can buy this NFT only by visiting the FancyBears Metaverse OpenSea page.
  2. Connect your wallet to OpenSea.
  3. Check their fancy bears’ collection.
  4. Choose the best one and you are done!
  5. Buy it, and after a few seconds, it will be stored in your wallet.

To Conclude

Own a bear, customize it, and buy a paradise for your Bear in their Metaverse. FancyBears Metaverse NFT warmly welcomes all of you to the Metabears. The NFT community is already appreciating the project over Twitter and Discord. Do not miss out on filling your wallet with FancyBears, for they have a lot to offer.

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