FamilySol NFT


Public Sale Price: 1 SOL

Collection Count: 6,666 Item



Website: Link




The FamilySol NFT consists of 6,666 unique characters that are based on various celebrities, Artists, Politicians, Historical Figures, Dragons and even the all-time favourite Yoda. There will be some rare and truly unique characters, which will be of more value, like legendary family golden NFT’s or epic icons.


February 07, 2022


The Project will begin to create a digital gallery where you can view the whole library; it will be the first phase of the metaverse, which will be transformed into a complete playable RPG, P2E game in which you may play characters from the Collection in subsequent seasons. In addition, the team intends to create its own merchandise, with many interesting plans for the future.

There will be several levels and categories in the whole 6,666 NFT Collection, such as 60 Epic, 5000 Common, 600 Rare, 6 Legendary, 1000 Uncommon and after the marketplace listings, the FamilySol NFT rarity chart will be released.

FamilySol NFT Project

The FamilySol NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • Members have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes in a variety of contests and giveaways. From basic guess the number games to arctic games to simply being involved in the FamilySol NFT Discord.
  • The Collection will be launched on MagicEden and many other secondary marketplaces.
  • 15% of secondary market royalties will go to the Community public wallet.
  • Premium contests and giveaways will be launched that will be only for the verified holders, along with community voting for decisions on projects’ future development

Phase 2 :

  • Free Airdrops for all the FamilySol NFT Holders that will be deposited in their wallets.
  • The NFT Holders and Members will be invited to IRL events.
  • A Virtual NFT art gallery app will be launched.

Phase 3 :

  • The P2E Game development will be started.
  • Official Merchandise store will be opened.
  • Staking will be introduced along with Tokens and Coins.
  • Customised 3D Prints will be dropped.

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FamilySol NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The FamilySol NFT Price will be 1 SOL, and its mint starting date is February, 7th 2022. There will be no limit as to how much a user can mint. For more information and to join the Project, you can check out the official FamilySol NFT Twitter or its Discord channels.

How To Mint :

  • The users will need to set up and have a Solana wallet (Sollet, Phantom, Math Wallet, etc.).
  • Make sure you have enough SOL in your wallet.
  • On the official launch date, you can go to the FamilySol NFT Website and click MINT.
  • Click Approve, and you are good to go.