The Ether Goddess NFT is a collection of 5,000 celestial-themed anime PFP NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Goddess will have more than 200 traits and is guaranteed to be unique along with its own story. All the NFTs will be uniquely named rather than just numbered. All members will be able to stake for a $FAITH token. You also will be able to upgrade your Goddess using fusion mechanics.

Ether Goddesses NFT Benefits and Utilities:

  • After previewing the Trait in the Dressing Room, you can Fuse the Ether Goddess NFT Trait and the EG NFT. This procedure will cost a small amount of [$FAITH Token]. Following the approval of the Fuse transaction, your EG NFT will be updated on-chain with the new TraitTrait and will be available on Opensea.
  • Members can enter contests and giveaways on Discord & Twitter.
  • For every two EG NFTs that you hold, you can claim one NFT for all significant expansion.
  • All EG holders will have a say in the project’s future direction as part owners of the project.
  • Paying commission to create manga, audiobooks, or games.
  • 2.5% of secondary sales will go to the Ether Goddess NFT DAO.

Ether Goddesses NFT 

Ether Goddess NFT Roadmap

Phase 1:

  • Using cutting-edge AI technology, thousands of unique Ether Goddess NFT names and lores are generated. In place of Goddess #3495, your NFT will be ‘Arabelle Weir the Witch,’ who will have her own background.
  • The $Faith token is a utility token used in the Ether Goddess project. It is obtained by staking your Ether Goddess and is used to engage with the project roadmap.

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Phase 2:

  • You will be able to use your $FAITH token to participate in the gacha system and win unique rewards such as special EG NFT, trait NFT to fuse, reroll name & lore, and more.
  • To strengthen your Ether Goddess NFT affinity, you can connect with her at the shrine, converse with her, and send sacrifices to her. You will be able to accomplish more with your NFT as your affinity grows!

Phase 3:

  • You can use the $FAITH token to ask your Ether Goddess NFT for divination by asking any question and receiving an answer from her. You may share the divination with your friends on social media with an exportable video clip.
  • The Ether Goddess universe will be expanded in the future. This features NFT for Ether Gods, trait NFT, and more!

Ether Goddess NFT Mint Price and Details

The Ether Goddess NFT Mint Price will be .08 ETH for its public mint and 0.065 ETH for pre-sale or whitelisted members. The project mint date will start on May 21, 2022. Acolytes/Whitelisted members can mint two NFTs per wallet, Druids/OG members can mint four NFTs per wallet, and the general public can mint as many as they desire. You will be able to mint directly from the official Ether Goddess NFT Website on the mint date by connecting your Metamask wallet.