Dream Babes NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.15 ETH

Collection Count: 10K Item



Website: Link




The Dream Babes NFT is a collectible project consisting of 10,000 dream babe animated avatars that will live on the Ethereum blockchain and will be released by Deadline Games, which will also link into the upcoming Dream Babes game project, which will be available on iOS and Android on February 14th. 


January 28, 2022


The Dream Babe avatars consist of more than 360 Qualities that world-renowned Deadline artists draw; these traits include Eyes, Body, Hair, Coat, Lingerie, Panties, and much more.

Dream Babes NFT Game :

These Dream Babe NFT characters will appear in the Dream Babes game. This will reveal a character and an engaging storyline, all personalized to your NFTs and unique to you, along with in-game rewards that will be worth over 300$ included with your NFT. These awards may only be used once per gaming account. 

Dream Babes NFT Roadmap :

Dream Babes NFT Launch Details Drop Details And Public Mint Price !

Phase 1 :

  • Submit Dream Babes to Nifty Drops.
  • Submit outbound marketing campaign.
  • Pre-mint marketing on Twitter.
  • Special Edition Dream Babe Giveaway and 0.1 ETH will be raffled off to 5 lucky winners. The VIP Pass holders will receive 5 x 0.2 ETH.

 Phase 2 :

  • Begin Whitelist events in Discord.
  • Dream Babes public minting & full release.
  • Dream Babes Reveal.

 Phase 3 :

  • OpenSea Verification – blue check.
  • Increase marketing initiatives.
  • Drop first Dream Babes Private Content.
  • Daily Twitter engagements.
  • Discord and Twitter giveaways.
  • Rarity Sniper integration, along with launching the sales bot in Discord.

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Dream Babes NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Dream Babes NFT Price will be 0.15 ETH for its Public sale, and its launch date is January 28th 2022. The pre-sale has already started, but you need to have a VIP Pass to mint, and its pre-sale price is 0.10 ETH. The maximum number of NFTs you can mint on pre-sale is two, and there is no limit in the general sale. For more information regarding VIP Pass and other whitelist details, check out the official Dream Babes NFT Discord channel.

How To Mint Dream Babes NFT :

Once you’ve set up your MetaMask wallet and deposited Ethereum, you will be ready to start minting the NFTs on launch day!

Step 1: Have a Metamask Wallet

  • You’ll need it to store your cryptocurrency, do transactions or store your digital assets like Deadlime NFTs from our Dream Babes collection!

Step 2: Get ETH CryptoCurrency

  • To purchase Dream Babe NFTs, you need cryptocurrency. ETH can be purchased on many platforms, but the easiest to use is Binance or coinbase.

Step 3: Transfer ETH To the Wallet 

  • Transfer your newly purchased Ethereum amount to your Metamask wallet.

Step 4: Dream Babes NFT Mint 

  • Head on over to the official website and click on the mint button, and you will be good to go, or you can purchase from the secondary marketplace, which is opensea.