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The Doodles NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that are made up of hundreds of exciting visual traits designed by Burnt Toast (Creator). 


October 20, 2021


Given their rising popularity among the general public, these hand-drawn Doodles have quickly become one of the top-selling and finest NFT initiatives in recent years. The bright line-drawn character collection has practically swept the globe and ranks high on the list of top PFP (profile-picture) collections in terms of both popularity and volume of sales.

To navigate the current NFT market crash, Doodles is poised to release a new collection entitled Doodle 2, which is expected to boost the popularity of said NFT collection.

Doodles NFT Collection Details and Mint Price

What Is The Doodles NFT Collection

The Doodles NFT Collection has a vast ecology of characters, each having a unique aspect. Some of the most valuable doodle avatars include unique piercings, accessory styles, and dress choices. Among the many distinctive NFTs in the collection are the devil cat, holographic alien, bubblegum face, and bed head. It has also accumulated a roster of famous owners.

Martin generated hundreds of distinct visual attributes for the collection, which are included in The Doodles. However, the project eventually followed in the footsteps of predecessors such as CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, and Cool Cats by randomly mixing and combining these distinct features to form the whole Doodles collection.

Humans, cats, pickles, apes, sentient flames, skeletons, aliens, and more can be found in the Doodles environment. Doodles NFTs, like virtually other generative avatar collections, exist in varying degrees of rarity, which is determined by their features. Although the Doodles team has never officially produced a catalog of which qualities are rarest and most common, RaritySniffer’s unofficial rankings may be seen here.

The Doodles NFT Community

Shortly after the whole supply of Doodles was depleted, the Discord channel was reactivated, bringing in a wave of new collectors and fans. In the months afterward, a slew of NFT influencers and big-name celebrities have joined Doodles as collectors, cementing the project’s status as one of the hottest PFP NFT communities.

While many avatar projects promote themselves as community-centered, Doodles appears to have been all about empowering its community from the beginning. Owning a Doodle and voting on community recommendations, as stated on the Doodles website, “makes the roadmap collaborative.” This aspect of the project has been increasingly obvious in recent months due largely to its voting system and anti-scam/pro-artist culture.

The whole Doodles ecosystem is essentially one DAO, with each Doodles owner having a voice in what that DAO does. Keast explained how the DoodleDAO treasury would function early on, claiming that 1 Doodle Equals 1 Vote on all DoodleBank decisions. Doodles members have had the opportunity to vote on suggestions for Doodles team scaling; Doodles live events, sponsoring a 3D Doodles project, and much more.

The Doodles Forum and Doodles Discord provide an additional level of discussion for each suggestion. While ideas have grown less common as the project has evolved, initiatives have become far more important to Doodles’ future and general success. This is most likely owing to the project’s leadership, who appears to have continued to aim for the horizon.

The Doodles NFT Project’s Objective

One of the most intriguing parts of the Doodles project is its transition from blockchain to the real world. This is because Doodles is attempting to be much more than a standard PFP project. The ultimate objective of Doodles, as co-founder Keast has stated countless times, is to become a full Web3 entertainment firm. The team has already taken various measures to make this ambition a reality.

Doodles NFT Drop Details

Doodles have built immersive in-person experiences that have already coincided with annual NFT events. First, the Doodles team collaborated with The Heart Project to host a large-scale event at Art Basel Miami in December 2021.

The NFT community got its first look at what to anticipate from Doodles as an entertainment company during Heart Basel Miami. The event, which featured a gallery, unique merch, live music performances, and more, was organized and accomplished relatively quickly, according to the expensing proposal.

The second event, named the Doodles Genesis Factory, will debut alongside NFT.NYC in June 2022. The activity expressed Doodles’ willingness to show up and even more, setting the stage for the announcement of numerous forthcoming Doodles projects, including Doodles’ first fundraising, Doodles 2, Doodles Records, and more.

Although the entire depth of how a web3 firm would utilize a PFP project to accomplish all of this is unknown, we’ve long heard similar views from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and World of Women, both of which are now handled by Guy Oseary, Madonna and U2’s manager. Doodles seemed to be repeating the same scream.

Doodles NFT Mint Price

Doodles NFT Mint Price And Marketplaces

At the time of writing 25th January 2024, the Doodles NFT floor price on OpenSea is 2.7899 ETH. Doodles have a trading volume of 300K ETH, which is about $144 million. At the time of its release, the collection had earned $5.19 million in sales, with each Doodle NFT costing $17.6K. You can still buy them at various marketplaces and one such place is Opensea. You can check out the official Doodles NFT Twitter and its Discord channels here to know more and catch the latest news.