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The idea of the Diverse NFT project is to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion by capturing the culture, race, and traditions and reflecting them as a global outlook in their art pieces.

 MINT DATE: 28 FEB 2022


Diverse NFT Mint Price And Floor Price Details

The total collection consists of 5000 lifelike art pieces with the variation of five male and female figures each representing their unique identity and ethnicities with the aim to represent our diversified world and to celebrate our beautiful world together. The tagline of the Diverse NFT project says, “ The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of people.”

The Diverse NFT project must be definitely looked into because of its unique and eye-catching art, story, road map, and solid team backing up the Diverse NFT project. The potential of the Diverse NFT project in terms of value and price prediction.

Diverse NFT Pre-Sale, Public-Sale, And Mint Prices.

Sale DateDiverse NFT Mint Price
PRE- SALE 27 FEB/ 20220.25 Eth+ Gas Fee
PUBLIC SALE28 FEB/ 20220.2 Eth+ Gas Fee

The Diverse NFT Roadmap

The Diverse NFT Roadmap

The team backing up the Diverse world NFT prioritizes the community and believes that an amazing community builds up the foundation of big projects. The main goal is to create a strong community and ensure that the buyers’ investments and mints are as successful as possible.

After the public sale, the next step planned by the team is to launch a Diverse Genesis Merch. This Merch will be designed by a line of top designers. The long-term holders of the Diverse NFT collection will be benefited to a great extent as the long-term holders will be receiving some percentage of sales.

As the project matures, exclusive parties and shows will be organized for the diverse NFT collection holders to celebrate the success. A location will be decided by the community and the tickets the flight charges will be held by the team. As the project builds further, Diverse will build land in the metaverse where they will host shows and festivals.

Another thing that adds more value to the project is that holders who own a Diverse NFT will be able to birth a baby pet by airdropping a second collection or free minting.

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Diverse NFT Current Sales, Floor Price, And Volume Traded.

The presale for the Diverse NFT with 1500 art pieces took place on the 27th of Feb. at the price of 0.25 ETH+ Gas Fee and it went live with a public sale on the 28th of Feb. and Diverse NFT mint price of 0.2 ETH+ Gas Fee.

Diverse Genesis Items1.5k items
Owners 577 
Diverse NFT floor price0.011 Eth
Volume traded.219 Eth

As per the date (08/01/2024)

Diverse NFT Price Prediction

Diverse NFT Price Prediction

It’s just been two days since the public sale went live but the amount of volume traded is 146 Eth. The Diverse NFT project is off to a good start and as far as the price prediction is concerned, looking at the total volume traded and the number of owners in just two days we can definitely say the numbers will increase.

We might expect some lows and highs in the short term due to the volatility of the market as an external factor taken into consideration. But the long-term price prediction analysis is looking very positive as the roadmap and the team backing the Diverse world NFT project is solid and reliable.

How To Buy A Diverse NFT Collection?

The Diverse world NFT is built on ERC 721 blockchain and is listed on Diverse World OpenSea and can be bought from here. Connect your meta mask/ trust wallet, choose your favorite NFT, and import them to your wallet after successful bidding or buying.


All in all, Diverse NFT seems to be a solid project with solid fundamentals and a great objective to represent the global outlook of our diversified world in its art pieces. A major focus has been laid on the benefits provided to the long-term holders.

The project is backed up by a solid team and is already off to a good start. The roadmap is planned in a detailed manner and there is much more to look into in this project in the future as well.

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