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The Dinodawg Kingdom NFT 3D Collection is created by Adam Dewhirst, an Oscar-winning VFX artist (movie credits include Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman the Dark Knight, and Tenet). The initial Dinodawgs collection sold out in 4 minutes, and the team has now announced the date for its highly anticipated 3D DinodawgsTM collection, which will be available exclusively on Magic Eden on Sunday, May 15th.

 MINT DATE: May 15,2022


Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

Each Dinodawg Kingdom NFT 3D Character will provide its owner with a unique playable avatar in the vast Dinodawg metaverse, which is developed on Network. Consider “World of Warcraft” with dinosaurs. Every Dino avatar may be utilized in the DDK Battle Royale P2E game, including bizarre weaponry like the Frog Launcher.

You may earn the $BONE native token. The staking function is already operational, which means you may stake your NFT immediately after minting. Use $BONE to enhance your Dino, participate in whitelists and auctions, and buy fantastic weaponry and vehicles!

The team is also working on Mine Runner and Karting P2E games. The goal of Dinodawg Kingdom NFT is to maximize utility and entertainment for our holders. With much more $BONE usefulness to be released, it’s a great moment to join the Kingdom.

About The Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Team And Artwork :

The Dinodawg Kingdom NFT artist Adam has worked in the Hollywood blockbusters’ VFX (visual effects) sector for over 20 years. Some of his work can be seen in the movies below. He’s had a fantastic career, with achievements including:

  • Hobbs and Shaw
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Tenet
  • (Worked on Harvey Twoface) Batman: The Dark Knight
  • World War Z
  • The Golden Compass (the team won an Oscar for their VFX work in this movie)

As Adam is a big fan of NFTs, he made the Dinodawg Kingdom NFT collection for all the fans of NFTs, and all the Kingdom Citizens, and their characteristics were developed by him as well.

Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Roadmap :

Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Project

Prehistory :

  • The dinosaurs gained independence in the Dinodawg Kingdom 65 million years ago before an asteroid smashed into them. The Cretaceous–Paleogene landscape was characterized by general lethargy and sniffing.

Late 2021 :

  • Whitelisting is open.
  • Members can safeguard their market listings.
  • Dinodawg Kingdom NFT drops listings that are secure.
  • Promotional campaigns.

January Early 2022 :

  • 3500 Dinodawgs Kingdom NFT minted
  • Listing of the Dinodawgs Kingdom NFT on major marketplaces such as Magic Eden, Solea, Solanart, and Alpha Art.
  • Members can check their Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Rarity and their listings (How Rare and on Moonrank, etc.)

Community Rewards And Developments Q1 2022 :

  • V2.0 of the Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Roadmap will be issued.
  • Production of 3D dinosaurs is planned ONLY for the Dinodawg NFT holders.
  • The Projects community contribution to the Humane Society International – We value giving back and assisting the welfare of all species (not only Dinodawgs).

The Expansion Of Project And Partnership Q2 2022 :

  • Partnerships in the Metaverse – Dinodawg Kingdom NFT avatars
  • Gaming collaborations/P2E Dinodawgs
  • Dinodawgs Community interactions on the projects upcoming releases.

Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Marketplace :

The Magic Eden team (Solana’s most prominent NFT marketplace) chose the Dinodawg Kingdom NFT to be showcased on their launchpad. The NFTs will be minted on Magic Eden’s website, giving you peace of mind that you are acquiring your Dinodawg Kingdom NFTs on a cutting-edge, extremely secure platform. Naturally, this indicates that Magic Eden will be the primary partner for secondary listings after the public mint.

You can go to the official Magic Eden Marketplace on Sunday, January 16th, at precisely 5 pm UTC for the public auction of Dinodawgs NFT. 

Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Drop public sale price will be 0.05 SOL, and its mint date is 15th May 2022 at precisely 4:30 pm UTC. You will be able to mint a maximum of 3 Dinodawg Kingdom NFT per wallet in Presale, whereas you can mint a maximum of 20 NFTs per wallet on the public sale.

How To Mint The Dinodawg Kingdom NFT :

You need to head over to the official Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Marketplace on Magic Eden. You need to have a Solana wallet (for example, the Phantom) containing enough Solana for your NFT purchases. Whitelists will be able to use their wallet to participate in the Presale. Those who have not been whitelisted will have to wait for the public sale. To become Whitelisted, you will need to join the discord channel and follow the instructions.

Whitelists can, of course, participate in the public sale and purchase as many NFTs as they want.

The Dinodawg Kingdom NFT Community will temporarily mute the Discord chat from the start of the Presale until the completion of the Public Sale to safeguard the community from fraud and bogus links during the sale. All official information will be available through the announcement channels or Twitter accounts.

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