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Public Sale Price: 0.08 ETH

Collection Count: 999 Item



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There is talk about a new NFT Project in town and it is all about girl power! Say hello to the Desperate ApeWives NFT Collection!


October 27, 2021


The Desperate ApeWives are algorithmically generated unique collectibles created by varying 218 different traits. They are inspired by successful and influential women in pop culture, fashion, and history. Inspiration has been drawn from the Cleopatra of Egypt to the Queen of England to the Nun from the Conjuring movie series. You name it, they have it.

Their name is inspired by the popular American reality TV series, Desperate Housewives. All the Desperate ApeWives NFT have signature red lips and an aesthetic assigned to them which is inspired by the personality they are aping (pun intended). The Desperate ApeWives are stored as ERC 721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and they are hosted on  IPFS.

Launch DateOctober 27, 2021
Desperate ApeWives NFT Mint Price0.08 ETH
Desperate ApeWives NFT Items10,000
Desperate ApeWives Unique Owners3,700
Desperate ApeWives NFT Floor Price (Current)0.075 ETH
Volume Traded12.1 K ETH
Desperate ApeWives NFT Mint Price And Project Details

Desperate ApeWives NFT Initial Sale

The sale of Desperate ApeWives NFT  went live to the public on their website on October 27, 2021. The pre-sale was on October 26, 2021. All the NFTs were sold out in the initial sale.

Desperate ApeWives NFT Mint Price And Details

There are 4,000+ unique owners of the 10,000 unique Desperate ApeWives NFT. The Desperate ApeWives NFT mint price was 0.08 ETH. The floor price was 0.075 ETH. The volume traded was 12.1K ETH. 

The Mona Lisa-inspired Desperate ApeWives NFT sold for the highest price, 87 ETH.

All this data is as per Desperate ApeWives NFT OpenSea as of January 25th, 2024.

Desperate ApeWives NFT Roadmap

The Desperate ApeWives NFT team has an ambitious roadmap that is unprecedented when it comes to the NFT space. They have completed 40% of their set goals as per the roadmap, which includes collaborations with international DJs and air-dropping 5 ApeWives to their owners. This has strengthened the loyalty of the community.

They don’t just have plans from the commercial POV, they are also donating to charities. They have already donated a rare NFT Icon to the Good Dollar Foundation and would be donating another rare NFT to Stay Strong, a breast cancer charity.

The official merchandise will soon be launched exclusively for Desperate ApeWives owners. They also have major cross-community collaborations and partnerships planned with the Ape Kids NFT Club after their launch.

The Desperate ApeWives Supermodels

Their tagline is “All Ape Wives are hot, But some are Supermodels.” These Supermodels are the top 22 ApeWives selected by the creators. 

There are many third-party rarity tools running wild in the markets which claim that they help owners identify objectively how their Desperate ApeWives NFT is, but the Desperate ApeWives NFT’s official website says that the rarity and value of each Desperate ApeWives NFT are subjective.

What Do You Get When You Own A Desperate ApeWives NFT?

By buying a Desperate ApeWives NFT you don’t just get the fantastic art JPEG to your name, but you also get an exclusive membership card that allows you access to all the exciting benefits which are going to be a part of the Desperate ApeWives club. And the most surprising catch here is the fact that all these exclusive benefits have not been revealed yet and will be made public knowledge in the coming time!

All the owners get complete ownership and commercial usage rights of that NFT. They can use the NFT however they want and can also charge royalty when others use their Desperate ApeWives NFT.

The Desperate ApeWives Making Noise In The Media!

The Desperate ApeWives NFT has received a lot of media coverage because of its uniqueness and innovative ideation. It has been covered in Forbes magazine, in the Nasdaq blog, in the Marseille news as well as by Blockonomi and Blockzeit.

The Desperate ApeWives NFT team has also held their Twitter Spaces, and the response from the community was extremely positive.

The Desperate ApeWives Creators

Desperate ApeWives NFT Mint Price

Their team consists of The Gardener, Archer Mccall, and Anna. The Gardner brings the business edge to Desperate ApeWives NFT. He was heavily involved in traditional art markets. Archer Mccall on the other hand is the Creative lead of this venture. It was his idea to not just make the ApeWives pretty, but also give them great character traits as a tribute to their inspiration. Lastly, the webmaster and the technical co-founder of the project is Anna. She is the one who has brought Desperate ApeWives NFT alive on the blockchain.

How To Buy Desperate ApeWives NFT?

Desperate ApeWives NFT Project

The initial sale of Desperate ApeWives NFT was extremely successful. They were completely sold out on the first day when the sale went live on the website. Now they can be bought in the secondary market at Desperate ApeWives NFT OpenSea.

Since the sale has already taken place and all the NFTS are now being sold in the secondary market ie, OpenSea there is no reliable source on the Desperate ApeWives NFT price prediction.


All the media coverage and the fervor amongst the community members have made experts bullish about this investment. The Road Map seems very promising and there is an immense upside because of all the celebrity endorsements.