Degen Islands NFT


Public Sale Price: 1.2 SOL

Collection Count: 78K Item



Website: Link




The Degen Islands NFT is a collection of 78,000 unique islands NFTs on the Solana blockchain.


June 01, 2022


The collection will feature a play-to-earn metaverse where you can purchase personal islands and then enter a Minecraft-style metaverse to mine your land, collect materials and resources, and then build, craft, farm, stake, and rent to earn $NUGGETS and $DGOLD. The team’s vision is to make the most accessible and fun P2E game on any blockchain.

To ensure the sustainability and scalability of the Degen Islands NFT environment, as well as to give economic incentives to encourage people to participate in the gaming, the Degen Islands includes a multi-token economy based on Nuggets ($NUGGETS) and Degen Gold ($DGOLD).

An ISLAND NFT will be the key that allows the holder to access a unique island in the Degen Islands metaverse. There will be a total supply of 78,000 ISLAND NFTs and, therefore, 78,000 unique islands. Each ISLAND NFT allows the holder of the NFT to access their Island. Holders of an ISLAND NFT can trade it on the in-game Degen Islands NFT Marketplace or third-party secondary marketplaces such as Magic Eden.

Degen Islands NFT Utility:

After purchasing an ISLAND NFT and entering their Island, players can then mine their Island for materials and $NUGGETS. Once an island has been mined out, players can populate their Island with assets and experiences. Degen Islands NFT Team is offering players unique opportunities to monetize their ISLAND through different revenue streams:

  • Mine the islands for $NUGGETS
  • Collect and Trade Materials for $NUGGETS
  • Farm the Island for $NUGGETS
  • Receive Monthly $DGOLD Airdrops
  • Rent Islands for $DGOLD
  • Rent and Share mining profits in $DGOLD
  • DAOs and projects can invite members to mine, build and hang out.

Degen Islands NFT Roadmap

Degen Islands NFT Drop Details And Mint Price !

Phase 1

  • Game launch, mining, and collecting
  • Zone 1 Islands – playable (mining & collecting)
  • Withdraw $NUGGETS to wallets
  • DEX integration – Liquidity pool
  • Crafting & yield farming
  • Crafting – Creating new refined materials, inanimate objects, tools
  • Staking – Yield farming
  • Foraging – Going to non-ownable islands to collect materials

Phase 2

  • Crafting – Creating refined materials (glass)
  • Degen Central – Hub launch
  • Projects can rent land on Degen Central, set up stalls for exchange
  • Projects can exhibit their NFTs
  • Free-to-play functionality
  • Networking – mine and craft with friends
  • Lock islands
  • Rent out your Island
  • Voice & text chat
  • In-game trading

Phase 3

  • In-game trading DEX
  • Serum, Raydium and Orca integration
  • Marketplace – Selling materials, tools, props, and refined materials (Peer-to-peer marketplace)
  • Prop Builder tool to sell in-game assets & VR
  • Prop Builder tool to create and sell in-game assets – Voxel and low-poly editors, mint, and sell in-game
  • VR release

Degen Islands NFT Mint Price And Details

The Degen Islands NFT Mint Price will be 1.2 SOL for its public mint. The public mint will begin on June 1st, and the pre-sale will begin on the same date with a mint price of 1 SOL. On the day of the mint, you will be able to mint directly from the Degen Islands Website by connecting your Solana wallet. There will be a 7.5% royalty fee for each ISLAND NFT secondary sale.

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