Dapper Ape High Society NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.75 SOL

Collection Count: 5000 Item



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Dapper Ape High Society NFT is a Solana-based project where users can customize the attire of the 3D characters with the metaverse. This is achieved using a fine technology that the team calls Voxel technology. Each NFT is 3D printable and augmented reality compatible. This means you can carry your Dapper Ape with you everywhere you go, whether it’s the real world or the virtual world!

 MINT DATE: 09th Jan 2023


Dapper Ape High Society NFT Mint Price And Everything To Know

Every ape at mint will be nude, allowing the holder total creative flexibility over creating their ape with various qualities (outfits, trinkets, hats, etc.) to pick from. Additionally, each ape will be available in over 20 distinct gorgeous designs.

This article will discuss statistics, roadmap, price, price prediction, where to buy, etc., of the Dapper Ape High Society NFT.

What Is Dapper Ape High Society NFT

Each of the 5000 NFTs represents a video game character that will soon be compatible with virtual reality and augmented reality environments. Dapper Ape High Society NFTs may even be customized to match any style using Build-An-customization Ape’s options!

Build-An-Ape will allow users to combine and customize qualities to equip their apes better and prepare them for a fight in the future. Headgear, clothes, weaponry, and footwear of the NFTs will be able to be customized by apes! Furthermore, users will be able to create their own NFTs for the first time in the history of NFTs, thanks to an on-chain manufacturing procedure.

Attributes may be purchased, sold, and accumulated, allowing holders to create their ideal ape and increase the value of their investment! In addition, their monthly drops enable holders to obtain uncommon things like the Sword, Staff, Plasma Rifle, or pieces of equipment from other NFT projects.

Important Dates Of Dapper Ape High Society NFT

The NFT project has set a secondary coinage date of 19th March. Dapper Ape High Society NFT also intends to simplify its ecosystem via its build-n-app software during the Mint 2 phase. Combining two or more NFTs to create a higher-level NFT. Thus giving holders a higher degree of personalization.

The first two recipients of DASH’s $20,000 laptop scholarships for NFT holders and their families will be revealed on 12th March. DAH is also expected to implement a staking and DASH token functionality on this day. In addition, DASH and Case Western Reserve University have announced the successful conclusion of a worldwide blockchain/fungible token (NFT) hackathon held on 26th February.

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Dapper Ape High Society NFT mint price

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT mint price is 0.75 SOL with the additional gas fees. In order to discourage bag-holding, a new set of accessories is released each month. To discover how to be included in the whitelist, visit the Discord server.

Dapper Ape High Society NFT Solana Roadmap

In stage one of the minting process of Dapper Ape High Society NFT, the team of the DAHS radio launched the 24/7 Lo-Fi Station on 24th January. As the team’s vision is to provide education on the NFT, they decided to launch the DAHS Scholarship Applications Open on the 5th of March.

To create more hype for these unique NFTs, the team decided to launch the Staking with DAHS Token on 12th March.
The critical and unique stage is 3, the Build-An-Ape (BAA!) stage. In this stage, The team created exclusive software that enables you to construct an ape of your design! All Common and OG Tier Apes can level up their Ape to Alpha by purchasing Mint-2-Earn Accessories, which will be offered individually.

Dapper Ape High Society NFT Rarity

At present, Dapper Ape High Society NFT Rarity has not been established. But, you know, it’s not just a standard NFT. Your very own apes are now possible. BAA or Build an Ape is what Dapper Ape High Society calls it. A place where you may purchase any kind of clothes or accessories, then mix it all into one NFT any way you want it.

In the metaverse, you can be whatever type of ape you want. You can make your own NFT and manufacture your own Dapper Ape High Society NFT Rarity.

Dapper Ape High Society NFT Solana Sales And Statistics

As of 09th Jan 2024, the initial DAHS genesis mint was available for purchase for 0.75 SOL. This means early investors have profited more than 4 times from their initial investment. DAHS has proposed a secondary mint for Naked Apes on 19th March 2022, with 50 spots left on the whitelist for 1 SOL.

Dapper Ape High Society NFT Price Prediction

These unique Dapper Ape High Society NFT comes with 3D naked NFTs. It gives liberty to the holders to create their customizable NFTs by adding their accessories, making the NFT collectors curious to add the NFT to their portfolios. Seeing the success of their unique features like scholarships and radio, the Dapper Ape High Society NFT will be booming in the upcoming days.

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How To Buy Dapper Ape High Society NFT?

If you are wondering how to buy Dapper Ape High Society NFT. Then just follow the 5 simple steps:

To purchase a Dapper Ape High Society NFT, you must first have an SOL wallet. Beginners should start with Coinsmart Wallet, which offers multi-device security and versatility. The $20 sign-up incentive is also available to new users.

You may also use the Gemini exchange, which is excellent for novice and expert traders because of its simple navigation.

Step 1: Setup An Exchange Account

To buy Dapper Ape High Society NFT, make an account at a cryptocurrency exchange like Gemini, CoinsSmart.

Step 2: Buy SOLANA

Since the Dapper Ape High Society NFT is on the Solana blockchain, you need a Solana wallet like Phantom, Solflare, or Sollet. Then, you can simply purchase SOL from a compatible exchange like Coinsmart and Gemini and transfer it to your wallet.

Step 3: Connect SOL Wallet To Marketplace

There are various Solana-based marketplaces where you may look for what you’re looking for. At present, Dapper Ape High Society NFT is sold at Magic Eden, Solsea, and solanart marketplace.

Step 4: Buy DAHS NFT

Search for the Dapper Ape High Society NFT you want to purchase on the marketplace. Then click on purchase, and after that, the DAHS NFT will be transferred to your wallet.


Dapper Ape High Society aims to be the first community-driven metaverse initiative to assist blockchain education. With scholarships and build your own NFT avatar initiative. There is no doubt that this project has some great ideas for achieving its goal. Check out their Discord for additional information, follow them on Twitter for some monkey business, and listen to DAHS Radio on YouTube.

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