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The Cyborg 86 NFT Project is a collection of 8,600 unique cyborgs classified by rarities that are created with hundreds of different elements. The Cyborgs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 coins and are hosted on an interplanetary file system (I.P.F.S.). The goal of the Cyborg 86 Community is to build a network of investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in the Web 3.0 potential.

The Discord community of the Project is huge, having more than 200k Followers, and the Project was all sold out during its first launch.

Cyborg 86 NFT 

Cyborg 86 NFT Roadmap :

At 10%

  • Members of the Cyborg 86 Project will be able to receive $86,000 in gifts and presents as a thank you for taking action towards the development of the Project. In other words, there will be a total of $8,600 in prizes and gifts EVERY DAY!

At 20%

  • The members will be able to get into the Cyborg 86 system that will grant them access to various hidden and private opportunities for investments like Off-market real estate deals, Early Investment Rounds in Startups, Angel Investing, Launchpad I.C.O.s, I.D.O.s, and much more.

At 30%

  • Picture a universe in which the flapping of a butterfly’s wing creates the most powerful hurricanes. This will be the BRAIN 3.0’s power. The first global event will take place in Miami somewhere around February. Many more will take place digitally via Zoom masterminds or straight in the Metaverse.

At 40%

  • To alleviate pain and celebrate the accomplishments of children for whom NOTHING supports their success, $50,000 and 10% of the Cyborg 86 earnings will be donated to the 27-12 & Motema Charity organisation in Ivory Coast to assist children with childhood illnesses in living the life they deserve.

At 50%

  • Millions of individuals have taken our picture to the point where it has become a brand: Cyborg 86. Members of Cyborg 86 will have the opportunity to be the first ambassadors. Join those who are trying to change the world and achieve their goal.

At 60%

  • The Cyborg 86 community can battle in their own style by supporting the most intense and professional bouts in the globe. After proving their worth, only individuals with values comparable to the Cyborg 86 community will be allowed to access the system.

At 70%

  • Through the Cyborg 86 D.A.O., the community will be able to vote on and select different unique initiatives. All applicants who have become cyborgs and are members of Brain 3.0 will be able to vote and pick through our D.A.O. and invest the $860,000 that has been set aside for it. Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, and so on. Everything is feasible because all 8,600 Cyborgs will vote on where the money goes and decide what happens.

At 80%

  • Every member is a valuable asset who deserves to be taken care of. As a result, the holders of the 8,600 cards will get almost $1,000,000 in prizes. Each card will have a unique symbol that will define the worth of its reward. It will appear when you least expect it.

At 90%

  • The Cyborg 86 community has applied to the House of Kibaa to be among the first to own land in the same environment as B.A.Y.C. and Gutters Cat Gang. While waiting for their response, the community will purchase land in Sandbox to build the first H.Q., which will host a monthly General Meeting with all holders.

At 100%

  • For the time being, this information is kept private. The community can only reveal that the team is currently working on a P2E game. In general, the Cyborg 86 game will imply that the community will have its own Cryptocurrency.

Launch Date

January 14,2022 – January 31,2022

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Cyborg 86 NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Details

The sale price of The Cyborg 86 NFT Drop will be 0.16 ETH, and the launch date is January 14th 2022.

How To Be A Part Of The Cyborg 86 Raffle :

  • The Raffle will take place on January 13th at 8 PM (EST TIME), and registration will close on the 13th at 8 AM (E.S.T. Time). Members are not permitted to sell their Raffle Spot.
  • -The raffle mint price is 0.16 ETH. To be considered, you must be a member of the Cyborg 86 Discord. Fill out the form (available through the official link on Discord) only once and double-check your information; if something is missing or incorrect, the community will be unable to guarantee your participation.

How To Mint The Cyborg 86 NFT :

  • Installing a MetaMask plugin in your Chrome browser and linking your Ethereum wallet to it is the simplest method.
  • Make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the cost of an NFT as well as the transaction (gas) fees.
  • Once you’ve approved the transaction on MetaMask, you’re done.
  • The Cyborgs will be available for purchase on the official website.


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