Cyber Wave NFT


Public Sale Price: 0.88 SOL

Collection Count: 8,888 Item



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The finest on-chain game available on Solana is the Cyber Wave NFT Game. The Survivors collection will kick off the first of many adventures.


January 26, 2022


A total of 8,888 complete 3D and programmatically created NFTs will be available to mint. Our professional art team has hand-designed all the elements and attributes with distinct and appealing characteristics for all the NFT characters.

Cyber Wave Currency :

The members can earn Cyber Wave’s currency by defending the Districts against Zombies. You may use $CYBER to equip your Survivor with weapons, lands, and potions. The game’s functionality can be expanded in an infinite number of ways, making the game more fun for everybody. You can head over to the Cyber Wave NFT Discord for more information about tokenomics.

Cyber Wave Game :

It is a defence strategy game in which survivors earn $CYBER by killing Zombies. The Zombie wave will begin flooding the Districts every night around 20:00 EST. Before the wave, the Survivors will select a District from four options and switch to Defense mode. When the defence is successful after the wave, the Survivors will get $CYBER based on their participation rate. If the Survivors fail to defend due to a severe injury, they will not play in the game for the following 24 hours.

Cyber Wave NFT Project

The Cyber Wave NFT Roadmap :

Phase 1 :

  • “The Survivors,” an NFT collection of Lower Zone people, will be revealed.
  • The on-chain P2E game will be published where you may stake your Survivors NFTs to win $CYBER.

Phase 2 :

  • The team will be getting ready to release its high-quality, unique cyberpunk coats. The community will do everything it can to break away from the mundane and get closer to its members’ lives.
  • The team will implement CyberWave’s DAO and assure the community’s development. The treasury will be accessible using DAO governance, and it will make choices about the project’s path with the community members through DAO.

Phase 3 :

  • The NFT collection “Zombified Survivors” will be launched. The Zombified Survivors can take away what the Survivors have previously gained.
  • The NFT collection of citizens from “The Upper Zone” will be launched. The story of this collection will be revealed ahead of time. The Survivors and the Upper Zone’s Council will form an unlikely alliance.
  • Although the definition of the Metaverse is still hazy, the Cyber Wave NFT team defines the Metaverse as a high-spec social realm that offers a unique experience. When the team identifies a Metaverse that fits its description, it will devote its efforts to applying NFTs to the platform.

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Cyber Wave NFT Drop/ Launch Date -Mint Price Details

The Cyber Wave NFT Price will be 0.88 SOL, and its mint date is January, 26th 2022. Pre-sale will start one day before that is January, 25th and its price will be 0.77 SOL. The users will mint the NFTs on the official WEYU’s Website. The Cyber Wave NFT Marketplace, where it will be listed at a later date, will be Magic Eden, Solsea, WEYU. The users can mint a maximum of 3 NFT.

How To Mint Cyber Wave NFT :

  • When the Cyber Wave Public Sale starts, everyone can enter the lottery on the WEYU homepage. Simply connect your wallet to participate.
  • The Public Lottery will be open for 48 hours. Each address has three available lottery entries. With each entry, you need to deposit 0.88 SOL.
  • Each entry gets you one ticket, and the ticket will be displayed in the “Ticket Information” on the right side of the screen.
  • After the tokens are deposited, you are ready for the lottery. Winning tickets will show up in the ticket information section immediately after the lottery.
  • The Lottery winners will get their Cyber Wave NFTs distributed randomly within 24 hours of the Public lottery closing.